Dissolution testing

Particle characterization solutions for effective drug dissolution testing

Dissolution testing is a critical component in pharmaceutical development, ensuring the consistent release and absorption of drug compounds. 

Accurate particle characterization during dissolution testing plays a pivotal role in assessing drug release kinetics, influencing the efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical products. 

Key parameters measured include dissolution rate and dissolution profile, which are essential for optimizing drug formulations and achieving regulatory compliance.

Our pharmaceutical dissolution testing solutions

Malvern Panalytical offers cutting-edge analytical instruments designed to enhance dissolution testing in pharmaceutical development. 

The Mastersizer 3000+ range and Morphologi 4 are two of the most advanced instruments available, providing precise measurements and detailed analyses crucial for understanding drug dissolution behavior. 

Mastersizer range

Mastersizer range

Set accurate particle size specifications to optimize the bioavailability and efficacy of your pharmaceutical products

Dissolution analysis with the Mastersizer 3000+  

The Mastersizer 3000+ range of instruments offers unparalleled precision in particle size measurement. Boasting the world’s most advanced laser diffraction technology, the Mastersizer range provides precision and the capability for real-time monitoring of particle size changes. This functionality is invaluable for understanding the drug release process in detail.

Key Advantages of the Mastersizer 3000+:

  • Real-time monitoring: track changes in particle size as they occur during disintegration and dissolution, for immediate insights in drug release from oral solid dose products
  • Precise particle size distribution: Achieve accurate measurements across a wide range of particle sizes, facilitating a deeper understanding of your sample's profile
  • Insight into dissolution dynamics: The detailed data gathered helps clarify how particle size influences drug release, providing a clearer picture of dissolution behaviors
  • Efficient method development: Especially effective for wet samples, the Mastersizer 3000+ streamlines the creation and optimization of dissolution testing protocols

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Morphologi 4

Morphologi 4

Understand the interplay between particle size and shape to help you enhance the bioavailability of your drug substances and formulations

Dissolution Analysis with the Morphologi 4   

In pharmaceutical development, understanding how drug substances dissolve is pivotal for ensuring efficacy and quality. The Morphologi 4 enhances dissolution analysis by offering advanced insights into the morphology of particulate samples. 

Here’s how image analysis with Morphologi can transform dissolution testing into a precise science for pharmaceutical scientists.

Key Features of Morphologi 4:

  • In-depth morphological insights: Utilize static image analysis to gain detailed insights into particulate samples, helping you understand how both new and existing drug formulations dissolve under various conditions
  • Rapid analysis: Capable of measuring tens of thousands of particles in minutes—far exceeding the capabilities of manual microscopy—Morphologi 4 significantly enhances efficiency and accelerates development cycles
  • Extensive size and shape metrics: Supports a wide range of particle sizes (from 0.5 μm to over 1300 μm), with more than 20 morphological parameters, providing comprehensive size and shape measurements
  • Designed for versatility: Engineered to meet the needs of multidisciplinary laboratories, Morphologi 4 can be seamlessly integrated into various stages of drug development and quality assurance workflows
  • Streamlined, automated operation: With SOP control from sample dispersion to data analysis, Morphologi 4 simplifies operations and ensures robust, repeatable measurements

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Our expertise

With decades of experience in the field of pharmaceuticals, Malvern Panalytical has built a reputation for excellence. The company's extensive portfolio of innovative instruments and technologies is designed to meet the complex needs of pharmaceutical research, development, and manufacturing.

We are committed to continuous innovation and maintaining the highest standards of quality. By investing in research and development, Malvern Panalytical consistently introduce cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving challenges in pharmaceuticals, including dissolution testing.

To find out more about how the Mastersizer 3000+ and Morphologi 4 can enhance your dissolution testing processes and to explore their applications, contact us today. Our experts are ready to provide you with detailed information, demonstrations, and tailored solutions to meet your needs.  

Morphologi 4

Rapid, automated particle size and particle shape analysis
Morphologi 4