Polymers, plastics, fibers and elastomers

A spectrum of solutions for polymer industry

As increasingly more traditional materials get replaced by polymers and new materials and the need to fulfil demands enforced by sustainability, understanding and predicting your polymer properties demands much of your analytical capabilities. Moreover, as your customers demand global product consistency and compliance to environmental regulations, trusted, compliant and reproducible results are needed. 

Material analysis

Malvern Panalytical have a complementary range of solutions to help meet these demands and to provide greater insight in polymer structure, properties, performance and processing relationships. These include solutions for

  • Phase identification and assessment of crystal structure in crystalline and semi-crystalline polymers 
  • Elemental composition and impurities determination, including catalyst and catalyst residues
  • Determining molecular weight and molecular structure of macromolecules
  • Assessing flow properties, viscoelastic characteristics and material transitions such as melting and curing in polymers and plastics
  • Assessment of material properties for processes such as extrusion, injection molding, fiber spinning, blow molding and thermoforming
  • Measuring the size and shape of fillers and additives such as carbon fibers, pigments and extenders

Standards and consistency

Our products fulfill many of the characterization demands of this industry sector. The RoHS Calibrations Standards are an excellent example of our commitment to both environmental regulations, product consistency and plastics recycling. Our instruments also enable improvements of the structural characteristics of Elastomers and Fibers to give the desired mechanical properties and to optimize manufacturing processes such as fiber spinning and extrusion.

Global consistent analysis is also essential to ensure global consistent production of commodity plastics such as Polyolefins. Our consultancy, expertise and global service support help ensure manufacturing consistency and product quality to meet profit goals in this highly competitive market ADPOL Calibration Standards are an example of our product consistency-enhancing solutions.

With growing demands for Specialty and Novel Polymers with advanced functionality and specific properties the need to understand the molecular structure-properties relationship is crucial, therefore our analytical tools can be used for polymers not yet invented.

Our solutions


The world’s most advanced multi-detector GPC/SEC system

Morphologi range

Automated imaging for advanced particle characterization
Morphologi range

MicroCal range

Microcalorimeters for characterization of biomolecular stability and intera...
MicroCal range

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