An introduction to OmniSEC software for GPC/SEC

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00:00:00 OmniSEC Overview
00:00:15 OmniSEC GPC/SEC Software
00:00:43 OmniSEC Windows Features
00:01:06 3D Graphics
00:01:21 Data Analysis Features
00:02:06 Automation / Ease of Use
00:02:30 Conventional and Universal Calibration
00:03:13 Interactive Easy to use column calibration
00:03:26 Advanced Detection with TALS
00:04:07 Advanced Detection with Viscometer
00:04:36 Advanced Detection with RI/UV
00:05:03 Ground-breaking features
00:05:56 Detectors
00:06:27 Reporting
00:06:52 Thank you for your time
An introduction to the OmniSEC software for the Viscotek Gel Permeation chromatography/size exclusion chromatography systems