A smarter approach to characterizing the solution properties of polyolefins

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00:00:00 A smarter approach for characterizing the solution properties of polyolefins
00:01:50 A smarter approach for characterizing the solution properties of polyolefins
00:02:23 Contents
00:04:06 Introduction
00:05:21 Altering Properties to suit applications
00:06:46 The Basics
00:06:50 Separation GPC or SEC
00:09:16 Limitations of conventional and universal calibration
00:11:18 The Solution!
00:11:48 Advanced GPC/SEC Configuration
00:13:03 Light Scattering
00:14:24 How do we measure Viscosity
00:16:52 Advanced Multi Detection GPC
00:18:00 The Detectors
00:21:50 Contents
00:21:56 Methodology Overview
00:24:03 Results
00:26:16 Triple/Tetra Detection GPC/SEC by Malvern
00:28:36 Case Studies
00:28:47 Low Molecular Weight PE WAX
00:30:50 Low Density PE vs High Density PE
00:32:21 LDPE vs HDPE – Qualitative Structural Analysis
00:36:52 Filled Polyethylene
00:37:54 PE Filled with Carbon Black
00:39:19 Comparison of NBS 1475 (Linear) and 1476 (Branched) using M-H plot
00:40:22 Reproducibility determined by Mark Houwink plot
00:40:48 Determination of LCB – Interactive branching view
00:41:40 Branching view tool
00:42:42 Contents
00:43:15 Thank you for listening
00:43:35 Contact Information
With global production of over 100 million tons p.a, polyolefins are of great importance in the materials market. High Temperature Gel Permeation Chromatography with triple detection provides insight into a wealth of structural information