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00:00:00 Welcome
00:00:08 Introductions
00:00:39 Spraytec Live Demo
00:00:54 Overview
00:01:24 Laser diffraction calculates particle size by measuring particle light scattering intensity
00:01:54 Laser diffraction: light scattering
00:02:12 Laser diffraction: light scattering
00:02:45 A basic laser diffraction system…
00:03:16 Spraytec system detail
00:04:55 Particle size by spraytec
00:05:19 Reporting and interpreting the results
00:06:09 PSD Statistics: Percentiles
00:07:11 Spraytec dynamic particle size analysis
00:09:11 Spraytec accessories (pharmaceutical)
00:10:38 Spraytec applications include:
00:11:46 Video Demo 1
00:11:46 Video Demo 2
00:11:46 Video Demo 3
00:11:46 Video Demo 4
00:11:46 Video Demo 5
00:11:46 Video Demo 6
00:11:46 Spraytec applications include:
00:12:14 Video Demo 7
00:12:14 Spraytec applications include:
00:12:45 Thank you for your attentionAny questions?
00:12:50 Contact Information
This online demo is designed to get you close up and personal with the Spraytec. You will be given an insider's look at the instrument via our lab webcam, and follow the measurement of typical sprays in the Spraytec software.

Spray applications are very diverse but fall into two categories: continuous, long duration sprays and pulsed, short duration sprays. We will look at one of each in the open bench configuration of the Spraytec.

We will show you how the Spraytec can be used to understand the spray dynamics through the particle size history and advanced averaging techniques.

Finally, we will give an overview of the accessories available to assist the measurement of specialist sprays. There will also be time to ask any questions that you have about droplet size analysis and the Spraytec.


Dr Sarennah Longworth-Cook is product technical specialist for laser diffraction based at our UK headquarters. With 12 years’ experience in characterization labs Sarennah is dedicated to helping our customers make high quality and meaningful measurements.