How to scale liposomal formulations for large-scale production: From benchtop to GMP manufacturing

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Nanomedicines have the potential to revolutionize healthcare by greatly improving drug targeting, reduce drug toxicity and increase bioavailability. While complex formulations such as liposomes, are a well-known and established vehicle for producing Nanomedicines, the lack of cost-effective, large-scale production techniques is preventing the pharmaceutical industry from realizing the full potential of nanomedicines.

In this webinar, we have partnered up with Precision Nanosystems to show you how microfluidics technology can accelerate the large-scale production of nanoparticles, and demonstrate the range of measurement solutions that will enable the measurement of critical material attributes (such as particle size, shape, structure, and composition), aiding rapid formulation development and CQA checks for complex products.


Maryam Hussain - Field Application Scientist, Technical Specialist 
Richard Broadhead - Field Application Scientist, Precision Nanosystems

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- Who should attend?
Scientists and project leaders in academia and industry interested in liposomal manufacturing using microfluidics technology. Scientists looking to characterize and analyze particles throughout the formulation production process.

- What will you learn?

  • Discovery of a scalable production solution for nanoparticle formulations.
  • Understanding of how microfluidics technology accelerates production.
  • The importance of critical quality attributes to understand your formulations. How Malvern Panalytical’s characterization techniques can be used to determine critical product attributes, as well as in-line characterization.