Optimize Energy Consumption in Cement Grinding Process

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Over-milling in cement production

The granularity of the finished cement affects its hydration reaction rate, as well as the amount of water, retardant, and dispersant needed and is a key factor in determining the strength of the cement. In many cases, to ensure a minimum grade cement strength, cement producers often choose safety over milling. However, over-milling is an expensive solution which requires huge energy consumption and lowers the plant throughput.

Improved monitoring

Cement producers need to react quickly to any anomalies and improve their monitoring to solve this challenge. By reacting quicker to anomalies, cement producers could be more sustainable in their energy consumption and ensure optimal short-term and long-term cement strengths.  

Our process expert, Alain Blasco, will explore the benefit of real-time particle sizing solutions and discuss analytical improvements to better monitor cement quality. Furthermore, he will also discuss tips and tricks to minimize grinding issues in cement production.


  • Alain Blasco - Regional Sales Manager - Subject Matter Expert

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Who should attend? 

Plant and process managers, quality control, process control and maintenance personnel of cement and lime plants 

What will you learn? 

  • How to meet cement quality fineness target while decreasing costs 
  • How real-time measurement can support efficient operations
  • Improve sample accuracy with online particle sizing