High-pressure and high-temperature studies of hydrogen storage materials

This application note shows the possibilities of Empyrean for the analysis of gas storage materials, illustrating two examples of interactions with hydrogen.

Such studies are normally performed at large-scale facilities like synchrotrons and neutron sources, or by using dedicated instruments. In this application note we present the results obtained by in situ experiments on H2 storage materials performed on the multipurpose laboratory diffractometer Empyrean in combination with the high pressure heating stage Anton Paar HPC 900.

Data presented in the application note were obtained using Si-based X'Celerator detector. The same experiment can be performed using GaliPIX3D detector featuring 100% efficiency for hard radiation. Within the same measurement time GaliPIX3D provides high quality data with higher intensity (compared to X'Celerator), therefore significantly improving the time resolution of in situ experiments with hard radiation.  


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