Optimizing Battery Cathode Manufacturing with XRF Analysis: join Our Exclusive Event!

Optimizing Battery Cathode Manufacturing with XRF Analysis: Join Our Exclusive Event!

Discover the power of X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis in enhancing process control for Battery Cathode Manufacturing. Our upcoming event delves into the discussions around elemental composition analysis using XRF, NCM-certified reference materials, and turn-key solutions tailored for analyzing NCM precursors and cathodes.

Key Points of Discussion:

  1. Elemental composition analysis using XRF: Explore the efficiency of XRF analysis for CAM containing Ni, Co, and Mn. Learn how this technology provides invaluable insights into chemical composition characterization, ensuring the optimal quality of cathode materials.
  2. NCM-Certified Reference Materials: Uncover the significance of NCM-certified reference materials for precise XRF calibration. We’ll guide you through the calibration process to achieve accurate and reliable results in your Battery Cathode Manufacturing.
  3. Turn-key Solutions for XRF Analysis: Witness the unveiling of a comprehensive turn-key solution designed by Malvern Panalytical specialists. This solution, featuring certified reference materials and calibration templates, is tailored for analyzing both precursor and cathode material composition. We’ll showcase its seamless integration with the advanced Epsilon 4 EDXRF benchtop or Zetium WDXRF floor-standing spectrometers.

Why XRF for Cathode Manufacturing?

To optimize the chemical composition of final cathode materials, precise control of precursor and raw material composition is paramount. XRF analysis emerges as the ideal technique, offering a straightforward and accurate method to measure elemental composition without the need for sample dilution or acid digestion.

Join our expert Alexander Komelkov on January 24th at 4 pm CET as he will share insights, demonstrate applications, and guide you through the efficiency of XRF in Battery Cathode Manufacturing. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your manufacturing or development processes.

Unlock the potential of XRF in Battery Cathode Manufacturing. Register now and stay at the forefront of innovation!

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