The modular control system for the future

Under the name SamTracs (Sample Tracking and Control System), Malvern Panalytical has developed a comprehensive control system for automation solutions that has been in use for more than two decades. The latest version is a very modular system that can be used to control your complete laboratory. As the system is modular, the scalability of the solution is built-in and therefore can grow with the system over time. Later additions to existing automations are therefore possible at any time in the future. 

The system is able to control any instrument on the market under the condition that an open and documented automation interface exists. Many instruments and machines therefore have been automated in the past, and the library of supported machines is growing continually. This means that the system is virtually limitless in its possibilities and therefore there are no boundaries to the creativity in order to be able to produce the best possible laboratory solution that really fits your needs.

Samtracs functions

SamTracs takes care of the sample logistics within the automated part of the laboratory by routing the sample along the various parts of the equipment based upon a so-called worksheet. The worksheet holds the complete path the sample goes from start to finish and is generated from a central quality table or as indicated by a LIMS or other system. Via SamTracs machine status information and sample location is displayed graphical on the sample-tracking screen in order to inform the operator about the automated laboratory and samples within the equipment. SamTracs is an in-house developed product, therefore any addition or extension can be made as an option.