Automation solutions

Automated process control solutions

In the cement, mining, ferrous, and non-ferrous industries there is a constant need to reduce the costs of laboratory analyses, while optimizing the quality and reliability of the analytical process. This requires advanced laboratory automation and process control solutions. Reducing costs and optimizing quality for industry. Malvern Panalytical, the world's leading supplier of analytical equipment, has a dedicated team of process control experts. To reduce costs and optimize quality for industry, the process control team offers a complete spectrum of laboratory automation and information systems including sample transportation, preparation, analysis and results processing. Control of the systems is performed with the SamTracs control system. Presentation and results processing is done using the dedicated LIMS package SPARCS.

The automated laboratory, a complete solution

Within an automated laboratory, complete sample preparation, analysis processes and sample transportation to and within the laboratory, can be mechanized and computerized. Results can be merged, validated and distributed with little or no human intervention. This leads to higher repeatability, smaller tolerances and lower costs for you analysis requirements.


System capabilities

Every automated laboratory solution is optimized to individual customer needs. In general the following steps are considered for a complete solution: Pre-send sample treatment, sample transport, sample preparation and finally sample analysis and results distribution. Equipment requirements vary from ‘single-line', with one preparation machine coupled to one analysis system, to multiple-line solutions where a number of preparation machines are coupled to multiple analysis systems in a redundant fashion.


Developing the optimal automation solution

Malvern Panalytical works with carefully selected project partners with specialist expertise, chosen in cooperation with the customer. Not only the partners’ technical capabilities but also their support, service, spare parts and all other factors that contribute to reliable backup are considered. By being thorough, Malvern Panalytical is able to develop reliable and robust solutions specifically tailored to the needs of individual clients. All preparation for possible automation investments is executed in an interactive way with the customer, assuring maximum fit to your processes and maximum value generation for your business.

Automation services

When the decision is taken to automate your laboratory, Malvern Panalytical can provide you with additional services in order to make the transition more easy and fluent. In order to calculate the performance and throughput of the chosen solution up front we can offer you laboratory simulation services with our simulation suit, yielding throughput statistics on the laboratory design. Further we are specialized in re-using existing machines and instruments in new automation setups. Reverse engineering of unknown or undocumented automation interfaces is one of the possibilities to make all this possible. Addition of new interfaces are also possible to some extent, rendering unautomatable units automatable.

Legacy systems

When building a new automated laboratory or adapting an existing one, it is sometimes necessary to incorporate an existing machine into the new setup. When these machines are a bit older, the information pertaining to the machine might be lost or incomplete and the support from the original supplier might be hard to get. In order to counter this, Malvern Panalytical has invested in knowledge to circumvent these problems. Automation interfaces of existing machines can be reverse engineered with our tools, rendering the machine usable in future setups again. Further, mechanically changing and/or upgrading machines is also a possibility to get a unit in working condition again.


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