Food and drink analysis

Material characterization solutions for the food and beverage sector 

Materials characterization is critical for the food and drink sector and is employed at almost every stage of the food production chain.  A large number of analytical techniques are available for assessing different characteristics of food and drink products in terms of their structure, composition, physicochemical properties and sensorial characteristics.

These techniques are widely used by ingredient manufacturers, food producers, researchers and dedicated food analysis laboratories to ensure product quality, safety and process efficiency.  

Analytical techniques

Malvern Panalytical provides a number of the key analytical techniques used in this sector, including

  • X-ray fluorescence for monitoring nutrient, mineral and trace elements in food, and for confirming food authenticity or contamination
  • Particle size analyzers for measuring the size of powders, emulsions and dispersions, from nanometers to millimeters
  • Chromatography techniques for determining molecular weight and molecular structure of polysaccharides and proteins
  • Morphological imaging and chemical imaging to assess particle size, shape and chemical properties of solid components
  • Zeta potential analyzers for predicting and optimizing dispersion and emulsion stability
  • Near-infrared analysis for fat, protein, moisture, sugar and starch content, as well as blend uniformity

Our solutions

Malvern Panalytical also provide a range of in-line and on-line process solutions for monitoring and controlling production operations.


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