Compact brilliance, powerful analysis, endless possibilities

Revontium™ is a compact X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer that delivers high-quality elemental analysis in a compact, tabletop format. It bridges the performance of floor-standing XRF and the versatility of table-top instruments. 

Compact XRF offers a smaller physical and environmental footprint. Its cost of ownership can be more than 25% lower due to reduced need for consumables, extensive sample preparation, and maintenance.

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Accuracy that lasts

Traditionally, experts performing elemental analysis have had to choose between speed and highly accurate data. Slow feedback loops created a dilemma between data that was still usable and data that was detailed enough. With Revontium, you can account for every signal in your XRF spectrum – thanks to careful design and high-quality hardware and software components.

Ultimate efficiency

In the past, elemental analyzers often struggled to keep up with the demands of an ambitious lab. Design limitations often led to long delays in sample preparation.

With Revontium, you can count on getting high-quality results quickly. The instrument is designed for high sample throughput, speedy analysis, and responsive feedback.

Several features also minimize downtime. Monitoring through services like Smart Manager allows you to fix any problems quickly.

Lower cost of ownership

The cost of owning a spectrometer is not just about the initial purchase, but also ongoing maintenance, consumables, and training.

With Revontium, your total cost of ownership will be more than 25% lower than with wavelength-dispersive x-ray fluorescence (WDXRF), atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), or Inductively Coupled Plasma spectroscopy (ICP).

Revontium can be operated in air, reducing the need for consumables such as acids and high-purity gases. It does not require daily calibration, a chiller, or any special infrastructure. All in all, this means more time available for actual analysis.

Full flexibility

If you regularly switch between different types of samples, we have good news: Revontiumcan handle almost any type of XRF application.

You can analyze both solids and liquids in the same sample batch, and the Omnian software option is compatible with any sample type.

A smaller environmental footprint

Whatever your industry, reducing the environmental impact of your operations is probably on your mind. Thanks to many sustainable features, Revontium's power consumption is only 200 watts. This compares to 2,000 watts for traditional WDXRF – even with its touchscreen and built-in computer.

Ease of use

Imagine an instrument that is so easy to use that you can focus on your analytical work without worrying about anything else.

That is what Revontium offers. Large touch buttons, an intuitive overview display, and a 15-inch touchscreen all make operations smooth and seamless. It is easy to set up as many applications as you need with our cutting-edge SuperQ software, and the built-in monitor will automatically update them for you.

Features and benefits

Powerful analysis

  • 6 million photons detected per second
  • Excitation capabilities ranging from 4 to 60 kV
  • Measures up to 32 samples with 52mm diameter
  • Spinner for more uniform results
  • Four simultaneous detectors for rapid analysis

Compact brilliance

  • Convenient footprint of only 0.4m2 
  • Power consumption is only 200 watts
  • Quiet air cooling eliminates water spill concerns
  • Handles temperatures between 10-30°C
  • Cover with over-pressure feature to protect samples from dust
  • Completely X-ray sealed for full operator protection
  • Patented X-ray tube with ZETA technology
  • Chi-blue coating on X-ray tube for added spill protection

Endless possibilities

  • Robotic arm with camera for faster troubleshooting
  • Built-in computer to minimize physical footprint
  • Tilted 15-inch touchscreen that adjusts to the user’s height for easy operation
  • Large touch buttons for easy operation and quick training time
  • USB and network connectivity


Sample handling
Sample loading
Sample holders Up to 52 mm in diameter
Sample changing Robotic arm for sample changing
Sample preparation Solids, liquids, and powders as-is – no acids needed
Automation Available soon

X-ray tube
Excitation 4 – 60 kV
Drift Very low drift because of zero-evaporation technology advancement (ZETA)
Manufacture Made in Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Operating temperature 10 – 30°C
Sensitivity 50 um thin window for best light-element sensitivity
Protection Chi-blue coating protects against spillage

Photon counts 6 million photons per second at 50% dead time

Screening Omnian screening software, various Certified Reference Materials
Maintenance SmartManager remote monitoring solution

Dimensions (H x W x D) 70 (w) x 60 (d) x 38 (h) cm, or 56 (h) with sample changer
Dust protection Available inside and outside the instrument
External cooling Not needed
Compressed air supply Not needed
Power supply 100-240 V
Power consumption 200 W
Computer Internal computer with Windows operating system
Operation Intuitive user interface with 15-inch touchscreen
Ports 4 USB ports

Key applications

Research control environments benefit from the precision and flexibility that Malvern Panalytical XRF instruments are known for. For those switching between several methods, easy-to-use features keep method development simple without compromising scientific rigor. High-quality components make analysis intuitive and thorough – placing accuracy before hasty measurements.
With new Certified Reference Materials from Malvern Panalytical, manufacturers can rapidly investigate battery performance and trace materials to recognized standards.
Building materials
With Revontium, you can quantify typical building materials in as little as 10 minutes, analyzing up to 12 pressed cement powder samples per hour. It reduces the feedback loop in the production plant and lowers the cost of operation, while maintaining powerful, high-quality data similar to floor-standing WDXRF spectrometers.
Environmental monitoring
Revontium enables analysis of 44 elements in air filters according to the EPA method IO-3.3. With an intuitive touchscreen, the instrument can switch between analyses with ease. Thanks to sophisticated sample handling, it’s even possible to measure 32 air filter samples in one batch.
Revontium compact XRF is non-destructive – the perfect technology for carrying out process control on food, animal feed, and cosmetics. Using just 250 watts per hour, samples are not heated up in a way that damages them. XRF works directly on samples, requiring no acids or gases to prepare them.
Revontium combines high-quality components to analyze ferrous and non-ferrous metals. With additional software upgrades, this compact XRF instrument can even perform multi-layer analysis.
Mining and minerals
Ore analysis often occurs in remote, difficult environments. Revontium compact XRF requires no extra infrastructure or cooling, making it equally suited for high-quality analysis in the lab or in the pit.
Revontium compact XRF analyses liquid samples directly with no additional preparation. Careful design means you can measure liquids without worrying about spillage inside the instrument. Revontium is a fully flexible solution for analyzing oils, fuels, and catalyst powders.
Revontium is the ideal solution for pharmaceutical companies developing and manufacturing small-molecule pharmaceuticals. It is fast and non-destructive, making it a robust screening solution for the elemental purity of the final product. Its versatility and ease of use make it suitable for a wide range of pharmaceutical research applications.
Polymers and plastics
Polymers and plastic often have special characteristics. Revontium provides fast analysis without destroying the sample. Unlike with ICP technology, there is no need to dissolve samples in a liquid because XRF works directly on powder samples. And unlike wavelength-dispersive XRF, Revontium does not soften the polymer sample because it uses only 250 watts.



Patented X-ray tube

A close-coupling, patented X-ray tube designed specially for Revontium, with zero-evaporation technology advancement (ZETA)

Patented X-ray tube


Accurate elemental analysis by XRF of functional polymer additives



Accurate elemental analysis of RoHS and WEEE restricted materials



Accurate analysis by XRF of toxic elements in polymers and plastics



Claisse is always there to meet your needs!




SuperQ is an advanced, comprehensive software package that helps all users to take full advantage of their XRF spectrometers. It allows you to create as many applications as you need by yourself, and best of all, it’s simple to use, expandable, and supports most international languages.



A combination of advanced software and setup samples, Omnian is a screening tool for use when there are no available methods or certified reference materials. This makes Omnian perfect for analyzing the elemental composition of unknown samples and unexpected contaminants.


Smart Manager

Revontium can connect to the cloud and benefit from better support. With Smart Manager, our Tech Support Center performs daily remote monitoring of instrument health and schedules proactive maintenance. And if something goes wrong, we can provide fast, remote support for incidents without an engineer visit.

Smart Manager
Compact XRF for a small footprint

Compact XRF for a small footprint

Small footprint, big power. Floorstanding meets benchtop in our compact, powerful instrument. XRF like you've never seen before.

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