For analysis of additives and fillers in polymers

Functional additives not only greatly enhance the properties of polymers, they also allow tuning of the properties to the polymers’ final application. Therefore, control of the production process of polymers is crucial. In addition, the use of these additives must comply to several environmental regulations and standards. 

Accurate elemental analysis using ADPOL calibration standards can save money and support compliance with international regulations like REACH.

ADPOL for polymer analysis

The ADPOL module enables easy and accurate elemental analysis of common additive and filler elements in polyolefins, including many kinds of PP and PE like iPP, HDPE, LDPE, mPE, ULMWPE etc. Application templates are included for easy setup. Your benefit is accurate and trustworthy elemental composition of your polymers, compounds and plastics, obtained in minutes. 

ADPOL is manufactured in close cooperation with DSM Materials Science Center, an industry leader in polymer analysis, and a subsidiary of a world-leading polymer manufacturer. 

ADPOL calibration module

ADPOL is a unique calibration module consisting of synthetic polymeric calibration standards containing elements representing commonly used functional additives. The standards cover typical concentration ranges for many polyethylene and polypropylene types and grades and are certified by multiple analytical techniques. The module is available for Zetium and the Epsilon XRF spectrometer range.

The ADPOL module comprises of: 

  • 4 standards and a blank (4 replicates of each) in pressed discs
  • Drift monitor sample
  • Uniquely numbered certificate and documentation
  • Application template
  • A suitcase for safe storage
Elements Concentration (ppm)
F 0 - 266
Na 0 - 189
Mg 0 - 561
Al 0 - 385
Si 0 - 778
P 0 - 94
S 0 - 98
Ca 0 - 200
Ti 0 - 112
Zn 0 - 198

ADPOL instruments

The ADPOL module is designed to be used in combination with Malvern Panalytical XRF instruments like the Zetium, Axios and Epsilon range of instruments. Certain hardware requirements apply. The module can be delivered as pre-calibrated solution on new systems but can also be deployed on existing instruments running SuperQ or Epsilon Software.

In addition to the complete ADPOL module, a basic package is available containing only 2 replicates of each standard.


Smart Zetium for reliable results and robust operation

Axios FAST

XRF of choice for highest throughput or shortest measurement time
Axios FAST

Epsilon range

Fast and accurate at- and on-line elemental analysis
Epsilon range