Elemental Analysis by X-ray Fluorescence

See below the available XRF calibration modules and reference materials:

  • Omnian for standardless elemental analysis of a wide range of materials
  • Stratos for thickness and composition analysis of thin film
  • CEMOXI for composition analysis of cement and raw materials
  • WROXI for composition analysis of a wide-range of oxides
  • Bespoke synthetic calibration standards based on fusion
  • NiFeCo - FP for elemental analysis of a wide range of Ni, Fe and Co based alloys
  • Cu-base - FP for elemental analysis of a wide range of Cu alloys
  • LAS for elemental analysis of low alloy steels
  • Pro-Trace for high accuracy trace analysis
  • Oil-Trace for versatile oil and fuel analysis
  • Oil and Fuel Calibration Standards for compliancy to ASTM & ISO methods
  • ADPOL for analysis of additives and fillers in polymers
  • TOXEL for accurate analysis of toxic elements in polymers
  • RoHS WEEE standards for analysis of RoHS restricted materials