Pro-Trace for high accuracy trace analysis

Reliable trace element data is required to meet growing needs across a wide range of industry sectors like mineral exploration, soil analysis, research geochemistry, agricultural science and analysis of organic rich matrices such as waste, alternative fuels etc. In addition, increasing worldwide legislation to control environmental pollution means that many more industries are in need to reliable quantification of low elemental concentrations.

Trace element analysis is a challenge. The optimization of instrumentation, setting up robust measurement programs and proper data treatment are a few of the issues to be addressed by the analyst. The availability and selection of appropriate calibration standards is another important issue, and commonly overlooked expense encountered during the commissioning of a new instrument.

Mastering the challenge

Developed by highly experienced analysts, the Pro-Trace solution to trace element analysis is unique and unrivalled in the XRF market place. The Pro-Trace concept is founded on a series of advanced algorithms that address the specific challenges associated with determining low elemental concentrations. Additionally, expert knowledge embedded within the software covers the “what to measure” and “how to measure” and high-purity. The module features a Smart Element Selector for important trace elements suites and includes pre-defined set-up configurations and measuring procedures. A Wizard provides step-by-step assistance for method setup and calibration. A suite of multielement setup standards completes the package.

Major cost savings for laboratories  

One of the key features of Pro-Trace is the use of specially prepared calibration setup samples and blank specimens. These setup samples are referenced against more than 200 international certified reference materials, providing major cost savings for laboratories that do not have such an extensive library of standards in-house. The Pro-Trace setup samples are manufactured at Malvern Panalytical Nottingham’s facility.

Which materials can be analyzed?

• Rocks and soils

• Cement

• Clinker

• Fly ash

• Limestone

• Coal

• Vegetation

• Biomass

• Waste

• Alternative fuels

• Alternative raw materials

Out of the box solution

The Pro-Trace module consists of:

• 25 pressed powder multi-element standards and blanks covering 40 trace elements, validated against more than 200 internationally certified reference materials

• 2 drift monitor samples

• Software module including Smart Element Selector and Setup Wizard

• A suitcase for safe storage

The standards are prepared using traceable, ultra-pure compounds and are mounted in aluminum rings for longevity, and housed in aluminum cups to prevent contamination.

The Pro-Trace module is designed to be used in combination with Malvern Panalytical WDXRF instruments like Zetium and Axios. Certain hardware requirements apply. The module can be delivered as pre-calibrated solution on new systems but can also be deployed on existing instruments running SuperQ software.