for accurate analysis of toxic elements in polymers

As toxicity of incorporated functional additives are of great concern directly for human health and the environment, accurate low-level determination of these elements is crucial. Our Zetium, Axios or Epsilon range spectrometers combined with the TOXEL module offers you the best solution available for screening and elemental analysis of toxic elements in polymers and plastics. 

Accurate elemental analysis using TOXEL calibration standards supports your compliance to international regulations like REACH, RoHS 2, WEEE, ELV, packaging directives and others.


The TOXEL module enables easy and accurate elemental analysis of toxic elements in polyolefins, including many kinds of PP and PE like iPP, HDPE, LDPE, mPE, ULMWPE etc. Assisted by ready to use application templates, little effort is needed for optimal system set-up. Your benefit is accurate and trustworthy elemental analysis of your polymers, compounds and plastics realized in minutes.

TOXEL is manufactured in close cooperation with DSM Resolve, an industry leader in polymer analysis, and a subsidiary of a world leading polymer manufacturer.


TOXEL is a unique calibration module consisting of synthetic polymeric calibration standards representing commonly regarded toxic or suspect toxic compounds. The module is ideal for for analysis of functional additives like flame retardants and pigments or catalysts residues. The calibration standards are certified by multiple analytical techniques. The module is available for the Zetium, Axios and the Epsilon XRF spectrometer range.

The TOXEL module comprises of: 

  • 4 standards and a blank (4 replicates of each) in pressed discs
  • Drift monitor sample
  • Uniquely numbered certificate and documentation
  • Application template
  • A suitcase for safe storage


ElementsConcentration (ppm)
Cr0 - 22
Ni0 - 11
Cu0 - 25
Zn0 - 5
As0 - 6
Br0 - 160
Cd0 - 30
Ba0 - 600
Hg0 - 5
Pb0 - 22

The TOXEL calibration module is designed to be used in combination with Malvern Panalytical XRF instruments like the Zetium, Axios and Epsilon range of instruments. Certain hardware requirements apply. The module can be delivered as pre-calibrated solution on new systems but can also be deployed on existing instruments running SuperQ or Epsilon Software.

In addition to the complete TOXEL module, a basic package is available containing only 2 replicates of each standard.