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Smart Manager

Unleash the potential of your data

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Malvern Panalytical Smart Manager is a cloud-based ‘control room’ that connects and monitors all of your Zetium and Axios-mAX XRF systems, giving you a clear picture of the health of your instruments, and thereby the quality of your measurements, wherever they are in the world.

Transform your instruments

With Smart Manager you will get:

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1. Insight into utilization2. Notification on maintenance3. Global access to all XRF systems4. The ability to find unexpected opportunities

  1. Monitor the workload of your instruments to get the maximum up-time from your fleet: from re-allocating under-used units to accurately forecasting for future growth or new sites.
  2. Continual monitoring picks up the tell-tale signs of issues before they happen – giving you time to do further checks, get an expert on the other side of the world to take a look, do preventive maintenance, plan for any down-time, and order spares in good time.
  3. Cloud-based monitoring means you can oversee your instruments from anywhere, at any time. Whether that’s quickly checking your local site from home after the nightshift operator calls, or being able to have service engineers easily check instruments in isolated or remote locations.
  4. We’re finding that when you bring together the data from across all your instruments, you are able to spot patterns and insights that nobody expected.

With Smart Manager everything brings together in one simple web-based dashboard, accessible instantly by whoever you need: from site managers to remote service engineers to your Malvern Panalytical partners.  

The Smart Manager is also continually analyzing your data – monitoring many instrument variables and flagging anomalies in real time. It’s like having a new trusted member of your team who’s completely dedicated to getting the most out of your instruments.

This combination of connection, access and smart monitoring unleashes the potential of your data – giving you better information and deeper insights, so you can get the most out of your equipment, your process productivity, and your teams.

Unleashing the potential of your data

Unleashing the potential of your data means you can:

  • Understand more deeply the full picture of how everything is running; 
  • Optimize to get the most out of your instruments and process productivity; and
  • Predict potential issues and proactively prevent issues before they occur.

Integrity you can trust

All your data remains yours, and is only visible to Malvern Panalytical. Our services are built upon the latest Microsoft Azure cloud technology, ensuring secure connectivity and the safety of your data at any time. We do not collect or store any measurement and analysis data from your own samples unless you explicitly request us to do so.

Read the Terms and Conditions for Smart Manager here: England / Netherlands.

Key updates across 2021 and 2022

Our live trials demonstrate the power of Smart Manager, we're excited to unleash the potential of your data.

Look out for key updates as we continuously launch new updates and features.

Smart Zetium

The Zetium is our high-end X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer for elemental analysis. It leads the market with its high-quality design and innovative features for sub-ppm to percentage analysis of Be to Am.

 It’s used in the most demanding process control and R&D settings, where robust operation and reliable results are key. 

We are therefore introducing the Smart Zetium to help you get the most out of your instrument. 

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Elemental analysis with wavelength-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometer