ASD LabSpec range

Laboratory Instrumentation for Qualitative and Quantitative Materials Analysis

The ASD LabSpec line of laboratory instrumentation offers laboratory-grade performance in a ruggedized, portable design suitable for benchtop analysis or transport to the sample location. ASD LabSpec analytical instrumentation performs rapid, non-destructive materials analysis for qualitative and quantitative applications.

The ASD LabSpec 4 product line utilizes the same spectrometer configurations as ASD’s FieldSpec line of spectroradiometers, long recognized as the “gold standard” in portable near-infrared (NIR) field spectroscopy. Employing this state-of-the-art NIR technology, these portable lab instruments can quickly and nondestructively measure a wide range of materials with absolute precision.

The ASD LabSpec spectrometer is easily adaptable for a wide range of analytical applications. For those applications requiring a spectrophotometer, the ASD LabSpec is available with a built in fiber optic light source.

Optimized for rapid analysis, ASD LabSpec 4 spectrometers are the ideal analytical instruments for fast-moving laboratory environments, providing instant results with no sample preparation.

  • Evaluate hundreds of samples per day with high analytic throughput rates.
  • Identify spectral characteristics of both liquids and solids in real-time.
  • Non-destructive measurement means no sample preparation and allows for the reuse of the sample in other research.
  • Measure multiple properties simultaneously through NIR energy that penetrates several millimeters into organic substances.
  • Compatible with all ASD sampling accessories.
  • Rapid analysis moves with the speed of production to evaluate incoming, in-process, or finished materials almost instantaneously.
ASD LabSpec 4 Hi-Res Analytical Instrument

ASD LabSpec 4 Hi-Res Analytical Instrument

Superior spectral resolution for sharp feature recognition

ASD LabSpec 4 Standard-Res Lab Analyzer

ASD LabSpec 4 Standard-Res Lab Analyzer

The lab analyzer for fast, non-destructive analysis to optimize your workflow

Measurement type
Molecular structure
Near-infrared Spectroscopy (NIR)
Spectral resolution 3 nm @ 700 nm, 6 nm @ 1400/2100 nm 3 nm @ 700 nm, 10 nm @ 1400/2100 nm
Wavelength 350nm - 2500nm 350nm - 2500nm