ASD LabSpec 4 Standard-Res Lab Analyzer

The lab analyzer for fast, non-destructive analysis to optimize your workflow

The 3 nm VNIR, 10 nm SWIR spectral resolution of the ASD LabSpec 4 Standard-Res lab analyzer is ideal for precise spectral analysis of a wide range of materials. The 10 nm SWIR spectral resolution provides the basis for building accurate spectral models for chemometric quantitative and qualitative materials analysis. The spectrometer configuration delivers superior signal throughput and is compatible with all ASD bifurcated probes and lighted accessories.

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The ASD LabSpec 4 Standard-Res is powered directly from a standard AC connection or optionally with a portable lead-acid gel cell battery that is shipped standard with every instrument. Fiber optic cables are removable for interchangeability and easy transport.

ASD LabSpec 4 Standard-Res i lab analyzer

The ASD LabSpec 4 Standard-Res i model includes an internal broad-spectrum halogen light source that eliminates the need for an external fiber optic light source. External fiber optic light sources, such as the Fiber Optic Illuminator, work with bifurcated probes and accessories to provide additional customized sampling options.

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Features and benefits

The ASD LabSpec 4 Standard-Res lab analyzers are optimized for rapid analysis and are the ideal analytical instruments for fast-moving laboratory environments, providing instant results with no sample preparation. 

  • Evaluate hundreds of samples per day with high analytic throughput rates. 
  • Identify spectral characteristics of both liquids and solids in real-time. 
  • Non-destructive measurement means no sample preparation and allows for the reuse of the sample in other research. 
  • Measure multiple properties simultaneously through NIR energy that penetrates several millimeters into organic substances. 
  • Compatible with all ASD sampling accessories. 
  • Rapid analysis moves with the speed of production to evaluate incoming, in-process, or finished materials almost instantaneously.  


Wavelength range            350-2500 nm

3 nm @ 700 nm
10 nm @ 1400/2100 nm
Scanning time100 milliseconds
Signal-to-noise ratio             
  • VNIR
9,000:1 @ 700 nm
  • SWIR 1 
9,000:1 @ 1400 nm
  • SWIR 2          
4,000:1 @ 2100 nm
Photometric noise 
  • VNIR
4.8 x 10-5 AU or 48 μAU@ 700 nm
  • SWIR 1
4.8 x 10-5 AU or 48 μAU@ 1400 nm
  • SWIR 2
1.1 x 10-4 AU or 110 μAU@ 2100 nm
VNIR detector                     (350-1000 nm) 512 element silicon array
SWIR 1 & 2 detectors           (1001-1800 nm) & (1801-2500 nm)
Graded Index InGaAs Photodiode,
TE Cooled
CE certifiedEN61010-1:2001 2nd Edition
EU Directive2006/95/EC, 2004/108/EC
NIST traceable calibration
21 CFR, Part 11
Installed per customer request
USP 1119Installed per customer request and
purchase of applicable USP Standards
  • Wired
10/100 Base T Ethernet port with Ethernet cross-over cable
  • Wireless
802.11g/n wireless card
Dimensions (H X W X D)       
12.7 x 36.8 x 29.2 cm (5 x 14.5 x 11.5 in)
5.44 kg (12 lbs)
Input powerAC/DC switching power supply or a
sealed lead-acid gel cell battery
AC input90-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
DC input12 VDC, 60 W
Auxiliary port powerOutput, +12 VDC, 27 Watt (max)
Software compatibilityIndico® Pro, GRAMS spectroscopy software suite by Thermo Scientific, The Unscrambler® by Camo Software
PortabilityRugged instrument transportation case
WarrantyOne year full warranty including expert customer support
ComputerWindows® 7 64-bit laptop
(instrument controller)

ASD LabSpec 4 Standard-Res i (optional)

Integral light sourceLamp 10 VDC, 18.6 W


Probes and Lighting

Contact Probe

The ASD Contact Probe is designed for contact measurements of solid raw materials such as minerals, grains, other granular materials. Its innovative optical design minimizes measurement errors associated with stray light and allows for measurement of samples through clear and transparent plastic bags.

In addition to the standard contact probe, ASD also offer the Hi-Brite contact probe and the Plant Probe.

All contact probes are available with a ruggedized cable feed and cable, designed for applications that involve extra cold or harsh temperatures. (see image below specifications)


Length10" ( 25.4 cm)
Weight1.5 lbs (.7 kg)
Power requirements12-18 VDC, 6.5 W
Lightsource type/Life (approx.)Halogen bulb/1500 hours
Halogen bulb color temperature2900 K
Spot size10 mm

Fiber Optic Illuminator

The Fiber Optic Illuminator is a portable, external light source designed for use with ASD instruments and sampling accessories that do not have a built-in light source.

Technical Specifications

Length   11.43 cm (4.5 inches)
Width   8.255 cm (3.25 inches)
Weight   292 grams (10.3 ounces)

Integrating Sphere

Integrating spheres collect reflected light from samples over a full hemisphere. The sphere, by nature of its internal diffuse (lambertian) reflection and integration of the energy, is insensitive to directional reflectance features coming from the sample, and therefore, gives a very repeatable “averaged” response to the reflectance of the sample placed in the beam at the sphere port. Sample placement and incidence beam/collection alignment are less critical to the measurement results because the integrating sphere looks at representative averaged energy from all angles at the same time.


The ASD Muglight is designed for analysis of raw materials requiring reflectance and absorbance measurements. It can measure samples through glass vials, or using the ASD sampling tray adapter. It's unique and innovative design minimizes measurement errors associated with stray light and specular reflected components.

For users requiring higher intensity illumination, ASD also offers the Hi-Brite Muglight.

Muglight specifications:

Size5.5” x 3.7” (14cm x 9.4cm)
Weight2.91 lbs (1.3 kg)
Power requirementsInput power 5.5 W, bulb 4 W
Light source (type/life) approx.Tungsten Quartz Halogen b/1500rs
Bulb color temp2900 K
Spot size12 mm

Rapid Analysis Probe

The Rapid Analysis Probe is specifically designed for speedy spectral collection of powders and other fine-grained materials such as small uniform seeds and grains. Its beveled tip and metal jacket greatly speed up the spectral collection process of fine grained materials to optimize workflow. Simply insert the Rapid Analysis Probe into your fine-grained media, collect the spectrum, use a chemical wipe to swipe the probe clean and move on to the next sample. It’s that easy! The Rapid Analysis Probe comes with a gimbaled white reference for high performance calibration. It can be used for quantitative predictive models.

If using this probe with a spectrometer such as a TerraSpec mineral analyzer or a LabSpec lab analyzer without an integrated light source, a Fiber Optic Illuminator is necessary. The Fiber Optic Illuminator provides the light source needed for sample collection.

Technical Specifications

Length: 21.6 cm (8.5 inches)
Spot size: 4 mm

Small Diameter Reflectance Probe

With an approximate spot size of only 2 mm, the Small Diameter Reflectance Probe was designed to collect spectra from individual small materials such as individual grains or vugs in a hand sample or rock core. It’s perfect for determining specific mineralogy of individual grains.

If using a spectrometer such as a TerraSpec mineral analyzer or a LabSpec lab analyzer without an integrated light source, a Fiber Optic Illuminator is required. The Fiber Optic Illuminator provides the necessary light source for sample collection.

Technical Specifications

Length: 10.2 cm (4 inches)
Field of View: 1 mm


When your application requires analysis of irregularly shaped or non-homogeneous samples, the ASD Turntable is ideal for obtaining a highly accurate average. Especially useful for instrument owners in the grain, agriculture, pulp and paper, food, plastics and mining industries.

The Turntable offers:

  • 53.2 mm sampling spot size
  • Rotates at 22 RPM
  • Fits up to a 150mm sample dish
  • Compact (8"x11"x11" or 20.32 cm x 27.94 cm x 27.94 cm) footprint.

The Turntable comes standard with a 4000 hour halogen light source and one standard 150 mm x 15 mm Petri dish.

General Accessories

goLab Mobile Work Station

The ASD goLab™ Mobile Work Station — taking portability to the extreme!

The ASD goLab™ Mobile Work Station — taking portability to the extreme!

Now, technicians and researchers, armed with a powerful ASD spectrometer system and the goLab Mobile Work Station, are more empowered than ever before to take the lab to the sample location, and easily perform analyses formerly restricted to a laboratory environment.

The goLab Mobile Work Station acts as a wheeled carrier for streamlined transport between locations, and then quickly unfolds to support all your sampling needs “right on the spot!"

Shown: The goLab Mobile Work Station with work platform collapsed for quick and easy transport between locations (LabSpec instrument and controller laptop attached to work platform also shown, both sold separately).

The goLab Mobile Work Station Features:

  • Large wheels for easy transport
  • Stable, non-slip platform for spectrometer, sampling probe, and computer
  • Convenient and secured compartments for batteries and accessory kit
  • Compatible with all current ASD portable spectrometer systems
  • Folds down for compact storage and transport
  • Ideal for both inside and outside work
  • Reconfigurable velcro positioning for added flexibility

Shown left: LabSpec instrument on the ASD goLab Mobile Work Station with High Intensity Contact Probe. This configuration is ideally suited for incoming inspection and material identification of powders and granules, on the receiving dock and warehouse or production floor.

Reference Panels

Reference Panels

ASD carries a wide array of calibrated and non-calibrated diffuse white and gray reference panels in varying sizes (from 2 x 2 in. to 12 x 12 in. or 5.1 x 5.1 cm to 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm) and reflectance levels, including encapsulated gray scale (NIST/NRC traceable) wavelength and USP standards for USP 1119. Calibrated panels come with certificate and documentation showing standard deviation and reflectance factors.

All reference panels and standards may be purchased separately. To provide our customers with a more cost-effective approach, specific sizes or styles of reference panels are included in accessory bundles designed for maximum compatibility with a particular application.

Your ASD sales representative will be able to advise you on the best option(s) for your needs.

Key applications

The ASD LabSpec 4 Hi-Res analytical instruments are optimized for rapid analysis and are the ideal analytical instruments for fast-moving laboratory environments, providing instant results with no sample preparation. 

Plant Physiology 
ASD systems are used to determine plant physiological status, including disease status, nutritional status related to nitrogen uptake and moisture balance. 

Rapid, accurate measurement of constituents and product purity in pharmaceuticals products where and when it’s needed. 

Forest Products and Pulp and Paper Analysis 
In recent years, the forest products industry has issued an increasing call for process measurement innovation to reduce cost and increase profitability. ASD has answered. 

Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quantitative Chemical Analysis 
When you require rapid, accurate measurement of pharmaceutical products, look no further than ASD’s complete line of Vis/NIR spectrometers. 

Counterfeit Drug Detection 
ASD has a truly mobile pharmaceutical anti-counterfeit solution to help combat this problem—the LabSpec NIR spectrometer. 

Quality Control and Raw Material Analysis 
Cost-effective rapid, real-time determination of the constituents and purity of raw materials for a multitude of industries. 

Grain and Seed Analysis 
Proper characterization of grain and seed quality is critically important for germplasm development, grain collection and grain processing. 

Precision Agriculture 
From the field to the processing plant, agricultural product intended for widespread food consumption must meet numerous international quality standards. 

Moisture Analysis 
For cost-effective and rapid, non-destructive, in-situ moisture concentration analysis in a wide range of materials and concentrations. 

Plastics and Plastic Films 
Qualification and quantification of raw material prior to introduction into a production process and analysis of in-process materials and finished products in the industrial plastics industry. 

Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements 
Cost-effective and non-destructive material inspection and analysis to assist natural product and supplement manufacturers meet new FDA regulations for the standardization and purity of ingredients. 

Rapid, non-destructive and in-situ analysis of fat, protein, moisture, sugar, brix and acidity levels for the food, beverage, and dairy industry. 

Cosmetics and Beauty Products 
Rapid in-situ analysis of the purity and chemical composition present in raw materials, in-process materials, and finished product for the cosmetics and beauty products industry, including evaluation of color value for hair dye. 

Biomass Analysis 
From characterization of oil content of soybeans and other crops, to quantification of key parameter levels in biofuel processing and quality analysis of final product, near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is the ideal measurement tool. 

Biofuels Analysis 
From characterization of oil content of soybeans and other crops, to quantification of key parameter levels in biofuel processing and quality analysis of final product, near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is the ideal measurement tool.