CNA cross-belt analyzers

Real-time elemental analysis for industrial environments

CNA analyzers from Malvern Panalytical employ Sodern technology and provide real-time online elemental analysis for the cement, minerals, and coal industries. They deliver fast, accurate elemental data with unmatched analytical stability and safety. CNA analyzers are designed for industrial environments and readily interface to standard PLCs and common process control and quality control software. The CNA analyzers are available in three models:

CNA Pentos: This cross belt analyzer is the fifth generation of the traditional CNA configuration and is used primarily in cement other industries with lower material flows, smaller ore size, or tighter analytical requirements. It is a closed analyzer that encircles the conveyor belt with the neutron source below the belt. 

CNA Nickel: cross belt analyzer offers real-time quality control for the nickel ore mining industry.

CNA³: This cross belt analyzer is designed for minerals applications that feature wide conveyor belts with deep loads and large material size. It is an open analyzer that is installed below the belt with both the neutron source and the detectors in a single enclosure.