Type Standardization

Optimize your metal analysis

Type Standardization minimizes setup times of similar applications, and reduces the need for standard reference materials, by enabling a series of calibrations to be obtained from a single master calibration. One type standard per metal grade is sufficient to create a derived calibration. Correction factors are obtained from the calibration to use in accurate routine analysis of samples of the same metal grade.

Type Standardization is a well-known method in the steel and metals industry, but can also be applied to correct for mineralogical effects.

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Analysis of grades

Malvern Panalytical’s Type Standardization XRF analysis software enables elemental analysis of grades of metals, using just the calibration lines of a typical metal grade.


Easy-to-use software

Analysis can be executed without operator intervention and data can be transmitted to a laboratory information management system (LIMS). Type Standardization automatically selects the appropriate grade and new grades can be added with just a few key strokes.