XRD Glass Tube

The world’s standard for X-ray diffraction

The XRD Glass Tube has long been the standard in XRD tubes. Designed and optimized for Malvern Panalytical's older generation of X-ray diffractometers, these X-ray tubes offer a highly reliable, low cost-of-ownership X-ray source for a wide range of applications. Having been the world standard for 40 years, the XRD Glass Tube also fits into diffractometers from other brands

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Wide range of focus and anode types 

The XRD Glass Tube can be obtained with a wide variety of anode types. Standard anode types are Cr, Fe, Co, Cu, and Mo, with others available on request. In addition, various focus dimensions are possible, ranging from the fine-focus and long-fine-focus to the normal-focus and broad-focus types.