Non-wetting agent (NWA) pill injector

Upgrade your sample preparation with optional features

Non-wetting agents (NWAs) are added to the fusion mixture to decrease the tendency to stick to the platinumware, but they must be consistent in quantity to ensure repeatable results. 

FORJ has a non-wetting agent (NWA) pill injector function that contributes to homogeneous melting and helps to avoid disk breakage. This useful function ensures that NWAs are delivered at the right time during the fusion cycle and optimizes the analytical results produced. 

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The FORJ’s non-wetting agent (NWA) injector is the most reliable of its kind worldwide. It enables you to inject halide NWA pills into your fusion mixture to prevent the mixture from sticking to the platinumware, causing disk breakages. By enabling you to inject NWAs as pills, the FORJ’s injector ensures that exactly the same quantity is added for all fusions – guaranteeing repeatable results. In this way, it eliminates human error and reduces operator time. 

The FORJ’s NWA injector has been designed with several features to maximize its reliability. Firstly, it detects whether the pill has been added, and notifies the operator if it’s missing. For particularly ‘sticky’ samples that need higher quantities of NWA, it also allows you to add up to two pills per fusion cycle. Last but not least, the pill reservoir in front of the instrument helps to prevent any clogging that might obstruct the injectors.

The NWA pill injector option seamlessly integrates with the Tray loader option, allowing for the simultaneous loading of pills for 2 x 6 samples in a single operation. This ensures timely delivery of the pills for each fusion cycle.