Tray loader

Upgrade your sample preparation with optional features

With the Tray Loader, FORJ™ helps maximize your productivity – allowing you to load up to 12 samples at a time and enabling a fusion cycle to start without the presence of an operator. 

The result? No time wasted in the heating chamber, up to 25% productivity increase and significantly lower operation time.

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You can increase your FORJ’s productivity by up to 25% with its innovative tray loader. This option can be used for all fusion cycles with a constant start and end temperature, and also includes mold detection with a camera. When you choose this option, you’ll get two drawers, which allow you to preload up to 12 samples at a time (six in each drawer). While one set of six samples is cooling, the other can begin its fusion cycle in the furnace.

In this way, the tray loader allows you to minimize downtime in the heating chamber and maximize your throughput, without needing extra bench space. The second fusion cycle can also start even if the operator isn’t near the instrument to load the next set, so the tray loader option is ideal for lab managers who need to ensure their operators’ time is used efficiently.