D12 inline sample disperser

Inline dispersion for coarse particles and high solids loadings.

The D12 sample disperser samples, dilutes and disperses material from a process, simultaneously presenting it for accurate particle size distribution and velocity measurement using the Parsum inline measurement probes. It ensures robust and accurate sizing for coarse particles in processes where solids loadings are high, such as within granulation systems.

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Easily slotted into any Parsum probe, the D12 inline disperser uses a compressed air supply to apply suction, sampling particles from within a process. Samples are diluted and then dispersed ready for particle size, size distribution and velocity measurement using the Parsum probe. A back flush function prevents material build-up, even for cohesive powders, ensuring continuous measurement during process operation.

  • Back flush function to prevent build-up for long-term trouble-free operation.
  • Dual air supply to ensure sample is robustly presented in an optimal state for measurement.
  • Simple to clean and maintain.

How it works

The D12 disperser ensures robust and accurate particle size measurement with a Parsum probe in streams carrying coarse particles at high solids loadings. Using air it continuously dilutes mixes and transports samples drawn from the process. The air is introduced via three separate inlets to ensure a well-mixed sample that flows optimally through the measurement zone. Back flushing prevents any material build-up within the disperser giving reliable operation over the long term.

A 2-channel air supply unit is required for operation. The probe has an 8 mm aperture for sampling particle from within a process and requires an 85 mm free opening for installation.


Disperser for use with the Parsum in-line measurement probes.


Particle size 50µm to 6mm
Measurement opening 8mm
% Fines in product Low to medium
Applications Coarse particles and high solids loadings
Air flow l/min Up to 30 L/min, dependent on application

Operating environment

Temperature -10°C – 100°C
Humidity 35% - 80% non-condensing