The Aerosol Positioning Accessory will:

  • Provide a rigid platform to hold an aerosol product during actuation and measurement.
  • Reproducibly position aerosol devices relative to the Spraytec laser diffraction system, reducing measurement variability.
  • Hold either horizontally or vertically-fired aerosol products.
  • Enable aerosol devices to be held at different angles.
  • Easily adjust to hold aerosol cans or bottles of different sizes.

How it works

The Aerosol Positioning Accessory provides a rigid platform for holding cans and bottles as part of aerosol particle or droplet size characterization studies.

The aerosol is held in a clamp which can be adjusted to hold different bottle sizes. The clamp includes an adjustable platform, which supports the bottom of the aerosol product and ensures it stays in a fixed position during actuation of the spray. The entire clamp can be rotated, enabling measurements at different angles. As a result, products which fire horizontally or vertically can be measured.

The aerosol clamp is positioned on a slide, which enables the aerosol can to be positioned at a known distance from the Spraytec laser diffraction measurement zone.



Measurement Distance Range:
0 – 275mm.*
Aerosol Can / Bottle Size:
Holds products from 15mm to 80mm in diameter.
Dimensions (W, D, H):
200mm x 520mm x 360mm.
Measurement distance range will be dependent on the size and shape of the aerosol device.