Aerosol Positioning Accessory

The Malvern Panalytical Spraytec aerosol positioning accessory enables users to reproducibly position aerosol cans or pump sprays relative to the Spraytec laser diffraction measurement zone during spray droplet and particle size measurements.

This helps to eliminate a significant source of variability associated with spray measurements, enabling the reproducible testing of domestic and personal aerosol products.

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The Aerosol Positioning Accessory will:

  • Provide a rigid platform to hold an aerosol product during actuation and measurement.
  • Reproducibly position aerosol devices relative to the Spraytec laser diffraction system, reducing measurement variability.
  • Hold either horizontally or vertically-fired aerosol products.
  • Enable aerosol devices to be held at different angles.
  • Easily adjust to hold aerosol cans or bottles of different sizes.

How it works

The Aerosol Positioning Accessory provides a rigid platform for holding cans and bottles as part of aerosol particle or droplet size characterization studies.

The aerosol is held in a clamp which can be adjusted to hold different bottle sizes. The clamp includes an adjustable platform, which supports the bottom of the aerosol product and ensures it stays in a fixed position during actuation of the spray. The entire clamp can be rotated, enabling measurements at different angles. As a result, products which fire horizontally or vertically can be measured.

The aerosol clamp is positioned on a slide, which enables the aerosol can to be positioned at a known distance from the Spraytec laser diffraction measurement zone.



Measurement Distance Range 0 – 275mm.*
Aerosol Can / Bottle Size Holds products from 15mm to 80mm in diameter.
Dimensions (W, D, H) 200mm x 520mm x 360mm.
Weight 2.9kg.
* Measurement distance range will be dependent on the size and shape of the aerosol device.