Air Purge Accessory

The Air Purge Accessory prevents deposition of spray droplets on the Spraytec optics during the measurement of wide or concentrated spray plumes. This enables the routine characterization of products such as paint sprays or agrochemical application systems.

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The Air Purge Accessory will:

  • Ensure the Spraytec optics remain clean during long spray characterization experiments.
  • Enable measurements to be made within the working distance of the Spraytec system without risking droplet deposition on the Spraytec data collection lens.

How it works

When measuring the droplet particle size for very wide spray plumes, it is sometimes not possible to position the Spraytec optics in order to avoid spray deposition. To ensure continuous measurements can be made in these circumstances, the Spraytec can be fitted with an air purge system. This directs clean, compressed air over the laser diffraction transmitter and receiver optics, preventing spray droplet deposition and ensuring reproducible, real-time particle size measurements

Operation of the purge requires a clean, compressed air supply that can provide a continuous flow rate of at least 12 cubic meters per hour. An air flow control panel is available along with the air purge accessory to provide local control and filtering of the compressed air.



Required air flow rate > 80 liters/min.
Required air pressure 3 bar (0.3MPa). Max 10 bar (1MPa).
Air quality Water and oil free.**
* Compressor is not supplied.
** Malvern part number STP2502 can be purchased to provide air flow control and filtering.