Inhaler and Nebulizer Accessory

The Spraytec Inhaler and Nebulizer Accessory provides users with the ability to reproducibly measure the droplet or dry powder particle size distributions produced by metered dose inhalers, dry powder inhalers and nebulizers. Formulations can be rapidly screened for the correct dispersion properties, providing researchers with the detailed information required to develop new inhaled drug delivery products.

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The Inhaler and Nebulizer Accessory will:

  • Allow the dispersion of fine drug particles and any large agglomerates or excipients to be understood by making measurements over a wide size range.
  • Facilitate device and formulation screening studies to be implemented, by enabling hundreds of measurements to be made in a day.
  • Monitor the dynamic processes of particle entrainment and dispersion which occur during device actuation, by measuring particle size distributions at a rate of up to 10,000 measurements a second.
  • Enable particle size measurements to be made at any flow rate, so that particle dispersion can be followed using patient-like breathing profiles.
  • Provide a means of making measurements in-line with other techniques, allowing results to be compared with traditional inhaler characterization methods.

How it works

The Inhaler and Nebulizer Accessory provides an enclosed measurement zone where the particle size produced by devices such as Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs), Metered Dose Inhalers (MDIs) and nebulizers can be measured under controlled flow rate conditions using the Spraytec laser diffraction system.

Control of the flow rate is provided by a vacuum pump or similar extraction unit attached to the outlet of the cell.

Under the action of the vacuum pump, the aerosol produced by the inhaler or nebulizer device is pulled through the Spraytec measurement zone, enabling particle size measurements to be carried out. The inhalation cell design ensures that particle deposition on the Spraytec optics is minimized during the testing of DPIs and MDIs. A sheath air purge system is provided to help minimize deposition when measuring nebulizers.

The Inhaler and Nebulizer Accessory is provided with a series of adaptors which enable it to be connected to other test equipment used for analyzing inhaler devices. A USP Induction port can be fitted to the inlet of the cell, enabling measurements to be made ex-throat. In addition, the USP Dose Uniformity Sampling Apparatus (DUSA) can be attached to the cell outlet, enabling the emitted dose to be captured. It is also possible to interface the cell with an Andersen-type Cascade Impactor (ACI). This allows the results obtained using the Spraytec laser diffraction system to be compared to the aerodynamic particle size distribution reported using the ACI.



Sheath air supply Permitted flow rates are from 0 to 60l/minute. The maximum pressure is 2.5 bar (0.25MPa).
Dimensions (W, D, H) 270mm x 210mm x 594mm.
Weight 5.9kg.