Wet Dispersion Accessory

The Spraytec Wet Dispersion Accessory is a cost effective liquid sample dispersion unit designed for measuring samples in aqueous or non-aqueous dispersants.

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The Wet Dispersion Accessory is a manually controlled system featuring:

  • Sample volume from 50ml -120ml.
  • Continuously variable single shaft pump and stirrer with digital readout.
  • Manual fill, drain and cleaning.
  • High chemical compatibility.

How it works

The Wet Dispersion Accessory uses a liquid dispersant, aqueous or solvent based, to disperse a particulate sample.

Individual particles are suspended in the liquid dispersant. The wetting of the particle surfaces by the dispersant molecules lowers their surface energy, reducing the forces of attraction between touching particles. This allows them to be separated and go into suspension. In order to keep the sample suspended and homogenized it is recirculated continuously using the dispersion unit’s pump and stirrer system.

For dispersants with high surface tension, such as water, the addition of a small amount of surfactant can significantly improve the wetting behavior and subsequent particle dispersion.

In order to disperse individual particles it is usual to apply some energy to the sample. Often this is through stirring or agitation, but for very fine materials or strongly bound agglomerates ultrasonic irradiation is sometimes used.

Measurement of the particle size is achieved by pumping the dispersant through a measurement cell which is positioned between the Spraytec transmitter and receiver units. Light scattering data for the dispersed particles is then collected in the same way as it is for a spray, with the particle size distribution being calculated and displayed within the Spraytec software.



Sample volume 40-130ml.
Particle size 0.1 - 600µm.*
Stirrer speed 250 – 3500rpm.
Dimensions (W, D, H) 255mm x 170mm x 80mm.
Weight 1.5kg.
Dimensions (W, D, H) 360mm x 320mm x 640mm.
Weight 10kg.
Dimensions (W, D, H) 170mm x 240mm x 450mm.
Weight 5kg.
Power 240V, 50Hz, 250mA. 110V, 60Hz, 250mA.
* Sample dependent.