Aeris Research edition

The combination of usability and performance takes your lab work to a new level – giving you better information and deeper insights, so you can get to the answers more effectively, refine your materials, advance your knowledge and push forward that scientific frontier.

Freeing your time to do the interesting science

Whatever project you are working on, the fast acquisition of phase information from your sample in question can be crucial for your research. Just collect X-ray diffraction data with Aeris Research and subsequently employ the HighScore suite to obtain a wealth of crystallographic information. With measurement configurations including reflection, transmission and grazing incidence X-ray diffraction (GIXRD), you have all you need to get the best data for any type of polycrystalline material.

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16 December 2021



  • Flexible/configurable roles in Empyrean and Aeris (now aligns with Zetasizer) 
  • Summary of roles/permissions 
  • Default roles for instrument applications 
  • Support for complex domains 
  • Wizard for initial set up and massively improved UI to improve configuration/set up 


  • Record Audit trail events viewable in OmniTrail. 
  • Show/compare authorization files 

More information can be found in the Release and Installation Notes.