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Zetasizer Nano upgrade

Upgrade your Zetasizer Nano to our new Zetasizer Advanced system

The flagship Zetasizer Nano series has now entered the support phase, and has been replaced with our new Zetasizer Advanced series.

Act now to upgrade your Zetasizer Nano system before support ends in 2028, and make the most of our offers and advice.

What to do next

Complete the form to get a personal consultation about your needs. We will go through your requirements and help you to select the best Zetasizer Advance model. Get detailed information about new features and support. Find out more about exclusive offers and get support with planning for the transition to your new instrument.

You could also try our new Zetasizer Advance Selector tool. Enter your requirements and see which model is most suitable for your analysis in just 2 minutes!

Our new Zetasizer Advance range also features optional smart installation, giving you the freedom to set up your instrument quickly with our detailed video guides.

What the Zetasizer Nano end of sale means for you

We know the Zetasizer Nano is important for your analysis. Don't worry, your Zetasizer Nano system will continue to work - but our new Zetasizer Advance range offers superior data and enhanced features. By upgrading, your research and analysis will not be interrupted when support ends- and you can be confident you have the latest technology and specification available.

The Zetasizer Nano is no longer sold, but support will continue until 2028. After this date, we will no longer offer product support, spare parts, servicing, or exclusive upgrade offers on new systems. 

By starting your upgrade journey today you can plan for the future - don't miss out!

What's new with the Zetasizer Advance series?

Our upgrade consultants will give you detailed information about new features and technology in our Zetasizer Advance series. For starters, these are some of the new features and capability offered:

  • New analysis methods such as adaptive Correlation and M3-PALS zeta potential analysis
  • Constant current zeta mode 
  • Higher-resolution DLS
  • On-site upgradeability
  • Deep learning-based data quality advice system
  • Works with OmniTrust software for 21 CFR compliance
  • Smart installation guides

and much more! Find out more today from our upgrade consultants.

Complete our enquiry form to request your free consultation today >>