Concept Life Sciences is a Malvern Panalytical company. We are a contract research and manufacturing organization, based in the UK.  

We offer a comprehensive range of discovery and development services and analytical solutions across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agrochemical sectors. We cover all activities from target to clinic, including discovery chemistry, biology, DMPK, bioanalysis, toxicology and GMP manufacturing.

We’ve been partnering with clients across the globe to deliver projects for more than 25 years, and our team of 250+ scientists has extensive experience in multiple therapy areas, with specialist expertise in immunology, oncology and neuroscience. We can help you discover new drugs, optimize their performance and then speed them to clinical trials. 

Our services are built on expert knowledge, collaboration, flexibility and extensive in-house resources. We’ll work with you, in the way that best fits your processes and needs, to develop the right route forward.

Our people

Our people all have one key thing in common: we are dedicated to the application of science, expertise and data to help you solve complex human health challenges. 

Our relentless focus on continuous innovation, exceptional science and the highest customer service is what defines us. We accelerate your discovery and development pipelines through flexible application of our expertise and capabilities. And we work in partnership with your teams to ensure you always get the most from us, exactly when and where you need our support.

Our team of experienced scientists shares our passion for delivering exceptional science, in the knowledge that the work we do helps you make the world a safer and healthier place.

Want to find out how we can drive your projects forward? Just get in touch.

Expert solutions in contract research and manufacturing services. Contact us to discuss your challenges.
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