Protein melting Point

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00:00:00 Zetasizer Nano Applications
00:00:05 Outline
00:00:19 Light Scattering
00:00:43 Static Light Scattering (SLS)
00:00:55 Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)
00:01:09 Protein Structure & Function
00:01:39 Thermal Denaturation
00:01:54 Protein Melting Point (TM)
00:02:19 Protein Thermal Stability
00:02:38 Shelf Life Correlation
00:02:59 Zetasizer Technical Specifications
00:03:10 Why Malvern Instruments?
The Zetasizer Nano, using dynamic light scattering, can monitor the thermal denaturation of proteins leading to irreversible loss of structure and function as the protein unfolds, and the effects of modifications such as glycosylation. When DLS is observed versus temperature, the transition point where aggregation begins to occur is typically lower than the melting point, and is therefore called the aggregation point, or aggregation onset point.