The importance of powder quality in powder bed Additive Manufacturing processes

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00:00:00 Welcome
00:00:12 Introduction
00:00:53 Importance of powder quality in powder bed additive manufacturing processes
00:01:21 Presentation Overview
00:02:33 Overview of Additive Manufacturing
00:02:34 Ways of Making Objects
00:03:15 Basic Principles of Additive Manufacturing
00:04:36 Why use Additive Manufacturing?
00:06:57 Benefits of Additive Manufacturing
00:08:02 Subtractive vs. Additive Manufacturing
00:09:11 Untitled
00:10:09 Untitled
00:10:34 GE LEAP Engine Fuel Nozzle
00:11:42 Additive Manufacturing Equipment
00:11:47 Additive manufacturing technologies
00:13:42 Laser Melting- Power Bed
00:14:32 Just Some of the Commercial Machines...
00:14:57 Machines & Materials
00:16:25 Electron Beam Melting- Power Bed
00:19:13 Machines & Materials
00:20:03 Blown Powder Laser Cladding
00:21:06 Additive Manufacturing Powder Requirements
00:21:12 The Importance of Powder in NSAM
00:25:13 Why is Powder so Important?
00:26:22 What Makes a Good AM Powder?
00:29:52 Metal Powder
00:30:35 Spherical… For a Price
00:32:00 Gas Astomisation
00:32:05 As-Atomised Powder Distribution
00:32:54 Controlling Particle Size
00:32:59 Powder Classification
00:33:16 Spherical Particle Morphology?
00:34:34 Shape Analysis Malvern – Morphologi G3
00:34:39 Mechanisms for Particle Deformation
00:35:16 Main Sources of Contanimation
00:36:04 Case Study 1- Powder Supply
00:36:33 Particle Size Distribution
00:37:17 Particle Morphology
00:38:17 Quantification of Morphology
00:38:41 Dynamic Flow Measurement
00:39:31 Powder Porosity
00:39:36 Melted Component Microstructure
00:40:05 Powder Contamination
00:40:23 Conclusions from Case Study 1
00:40:28 Case Study 2 – Powder Recycling
00:40:53 Powder Recycling in AM
00:42:20 Powder Recycling and Particle Size
00:43:10 Powder Recycling and Interstitial Oxygen
00:44:40 Foreign Particulate Pick-Up
00:45:36 Conclusions from Case Study 2
00:45:41 How are MTC Helping Industry
00:45:44 National Centre for Net Shape & Additive Manufacturing
00:46:02 NSAM Centre
00:48:18 Why a National Net Shape & Additive Manufacturing Centre
00:48:47 MTC Approach- Powder Analysis
00:49:38 Powder Sampling
00:49:59 Effect of Moisture on Powder
00:50:25 Temperature & Humidity Control Cell
00:50:40 How is the MTC Using this Data?
00:51:11 Thanks for Your Attention
00:54:12 Contact Information
Manufacturing of complex metal parts by additive manufacturing is becoming more widespread as it offers greater design flexibility and reduced waste compared with traditional manufacturing processes. For powder based processes the quality of the raw metal powder is process critical in terms of the packing behaviour and flow characteristics of the powder. This can influence manufacturing efficiency and both the integrity and quality of the finished part.

In this webinar we will show why powder characteristics are so critical for additive manufacturing and how these characteristics can be measured and controlled to achieve optimum packing and processability.


Jason Dawes is a Technology Manager at the Manufacturing Technology Centre where he leads the Particulate Engineering research group. His role is in the technical management of highly innovative research projects involving powder based manufacturing technologies such as additive manufacturing, laser cladding and Hot Isostatic Pressing. He was awarded EngD from University of Birmingham in 2014 in the field of Chemical Engineering.