Ideal where additional XRD capacity is needed

Malvern Panalytical’s Walk-up interface is ideal where additional XRD capacity is needed or to extend routine XRD analysis into new areas; especially for phase analysis (X-ray powder diffraction) in a multi-user environment.

The Walk-up interface supports operation under the regime of 21 CFR Part 11 compliancy. Reporting can be customized and sent to the LIMS, email or anywhere in the network.

Secure and easy multi-user access

Users of Malvern Panalytical’s CubiX3 Walk-up interface are required to log in, enter a sample ID and select a project/compound name – this then dictates the type of measurement and analysis that is performed. The system instructs the user where to place the sample, requires a signature to confirm the sample entry and will then log the user out automatically.

Use of the external sample changer

Once an analysis protocol is set up, routine use is straightforward and can accommodate any standard operating procedure (SOP). Authorized users can change priority in the measurement order at any time or can choose between a range of measurement types and analyses for any-time sample introduction.

For scientists and lab technician teams

No specialist XRD knowledge is required for a routine operation and there is no need for a valuable expert resource to co-ordinate the sample measurement flow in a multi-user group. The sample changer is outside the radiation enclosure and can be safely accessed for sample introduction at all times, even while other samples are being measured.


Current version

Version 1.1b

Easy operation

The Walk-up interface can be ordered together with the Industry software package. A special license will be supplied to enable the interface. A CubiX³ industrial diffractometer with X’Changer is required. One sample tray is used for sample introduction and the measured samples are put back on a second sample tray. A maximum of 30 samples can be put in the waiting queue. 

The Walk-up interface works only in combination with the Industry software package. 

The combination of the Walk-up interface with ‘Audit Trail’ only runs on Windows XP. 

Internet Explorer version 7.0 or later should be installed on your system for displaying the Help topics.

Adobe Acrobat Reader or an equivalent PDF file viewer should be installed on your system for displaying the Quick Start Guides and the generated reports in PDF format.

The Walk-up interface can control the following generations of diffraction systems, and their sample changers:

  • X'Pert MPD
  • X'Pert PRO MPD
  • CubiX PRO
  • CubiX³
  • X’Pert Powder
  • X’Pert³ Powder

Recommended configuration

  • The Walk-up interface is tested to run correctly on Windows XP Professional edition (32-bit) with SP3 and on Windows 7 Professional edition (64-bit).
  • The combination of the Walk-up interface with 'Audit Trail' can only run on Windows XP Professional edition (32-bit).
  • For handling of large quantities of data 4 GB of RAM is recommended.

Minimum configuration

The minimal PC configuration to run the software can be found on the Microsoft Internet site:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7

A DVD drive is required to install the software.

For measuring data a COM port is required for the communication with the diffractometer and one extra COM port is required if the instrument is equipped with an X’Changer or X’Handler sample changer.