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Training to enable you to advance your knowledge with best practice and sound understanding

Taking on a new analytical method is demanding. There’s a lot to learn, and you need to get up to speed quickly to progress your research. While you’ll receive some basic training on-site with every new system installation, you can also supplement this with guided self-learning and training from our experts. 

At Malvern Panalytical, we’re committed to understanding and advancing the science of our own analytical methods. You may be an expert in one of our methods and have questions about our analysis software or want to discuss the benefits the method can bring. That’s why we offer multiple learning routes, including:

  • Webinars
  • Technical notes
  • On-site training (one-to-one or classroom) 

You can find out how to access these different types of training and technical support below. No matter the level at which you engage with our solutions, we want to hear from you and help you make the most of your systems.

Training at system installation

Often, the installation of a new instrument comes with some basic training from our installation engineers on features including:

  • Switching the instrument on or off
  • Making sure all connections are safe and correct
  • Loading and unloading samples
  • Cleaning accessories
  • Leaving the system in a safe mode when it is not in use

This can be followed by on-site user training from one of our applications scientists. In fact, we highly recommend this. The applications scientist will be able to understand your research aims and the results you need. They will show you how to get your data and analytical results efficiently, safely, and reproducibly.

Of course, everyone learns differently. One or two days of on-site training allows you to ask unique questions to embed knowledge about the new technique in the way that suits you best. This training is usually recommended for a maximum of three people, so that you each get plenty of hands-on practice.

Smart installation

We currently support a smart installation program for our Mastersizer 3000 and Zetasizer ranges, allowing you to press ahead with installation as soon as your system is delivered. Our easy-to-follow video guides walk you through the installation, performance check, and system operation. You can find out more information about our smart installation support here!

Guided self-learning and e-learning courses

We have extensive help files, context-sensitive tips, and quick start guides for our systems. As well as being embedded in the system software, these are sometimes also provided as printed guides and user manuals alongside the instrument. They contain practice examples, allowing you to run through measurement and analysis procedures using test samples, which are recommended or provided as accessories. Taking time to follow these examples ensures that you are ready to progress to similar samples of your own. Can’t find your original user manuals? You can download all product manuals or request copies on our product support pages here.

Want to know whether you’re correctly applying your samples to your equipment? Or whether the measurements you’re designing will produce data free of interference from unexpected signals? Recognizing interference in your results is important for gaining new insights into your materials and avoiding misinterpretation of results. To help you understand your methods and data more deeply, and improve them if necessary, we provide a series of technical notes on systems and analysis in the learning center on our website. These technical notes can also provide guidance on the limits of capability of measurements.

What’s more, we also offer a series of e-learning courses for our Mastersizer and Zetasizer analytical instruments. You can find them under ‘training’ in our e-store!

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Bespoke training

Sometimes, you may have a system set up for one type of measurement, but then get a new research program or a request to measure something differently. Or maybe you’ve recently upgraded your system, been put in charge of some equipment, or have new researchers in need of training. How do you know that you have the right equipment configuration? Do you need any different accessories or software? 

In any of these situations, you can make use of our bespoke training on measurement methods and analytical software for your group. Our applications scientists can provide hands-on one-to-one or classroom training on all our methods and software. In many cases, this additional training can be more cost-effective long-term, enabling you or your researchers to get further, faster.

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Webinars and user groups

As you get more proficient with an instrument, you get more interested in ensuring the data you collect is valid and useful. It then becomes more important to test how you prepare samples for measurement. Does your sample preparation select a representative sample of your material? Do you change the material in any way during sample preparation and mounting? And how can you check whether your sample is well-prepared? At this stage, you will be looking for more detailed practical insights. Alternatively, you may be stuck with a feature of the analysis software and need help to progress.

Online presentations are one way to help fill the gaps in your knowledge. For instance, you can find tutorial-style presentations in the learning center on our website under Recorded Events. The presentations cover a mixture of commercial information on products and applications, and training sessions on various methods. Why not check out the training sessions and see if they can get you closer to where you want to be?

Another option is our online user group meetings and tutorials – an increasingly popular option for when it isn’t possible to travel to in-person user meetings. Be sure to register on the website and opt-in to our newsletters to stay informed about free user-group and training events. Alternatively, contact your local office and ask for a list of upcoming events!

Finally, our application scientists are always happy to answer questions and help solve small snags and obstacles. Don’t stay in the dark – contact us for assistance!

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Expertise and automation

At Malvern Panalytical, we know that your lab may require a high throughput of samples, as well as a high level of reproducibility and easy sample preparation. To help optimize your processes, or to set up standard operating procedures (SOP) for your research methods, our experts are on-hand with our expertise consultancy services.

Because we support certified industrial labs in all subjects, from mining to pharmaceuticals, we have extensive experience in sample handling and measurements for high-throughput automation and regulated environments. With our expertise, we can help get you to the boundaries of knowledge more quickly – so that your research can genuinely push through the knowledge frontier.

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