Smart Install

Take the fast track to actionable insights

Designed to meet your business needs, smart installation empowers you to get your new instrument up and running fast, without waiting for an engineer to visit.

Comprehensive resources give you all the information and tools you need to set-up, check your new system and start making reliable measurements. And, our expert team can provide additional, remote support should you need it.  

Get up and running, fast

With smart install you can start generating actionable information and delivering value for your business sooner.

Confidence in Performance 

Comprehensive instructions ensure a smooth installation. And for added peace of mind you’ll benefit from an extended, 15-month warranty on your new instrument.

Here to help

Support resources have been carefully designed to make smart installation as simple as possible, but support from our expert engineers is only a phone call or email away when you need it. 

How does it work?

Easy-to-follow video guides walk you through installation, performance check and operation. Each bite-sized video is just the right length that you can work along with it, through unboxing, set-up and getting it running. 

These guides are available in eight different languages – see FAQ for further details. 


Exclusive e-learning content for Mastersizer & Zetasizer Advance

Mastersizer 3000 and Zetasizer Advance users can benefit from 15-month access to exclusive e-learning materials at no extra cost. The Essentials e-learning courses are designed to help you start realizing the value from your new machine quickly. 

These interactive training tools provide a comprehensive introduction to your instrument so that you can start making good quality measurements with your new system.  

Additional e-learning courses can be purchased from our eStore

NOTE: e-learning is not currently available for Epsilon 1 or Zetasizer Nano

Which products can be smart-installed?

Smart installation is currently available for the following products:

Mastersizer 3000

Delivering the data you need for outcomes you can trust
Mastersizer 3000

Epsilon 1

Small, powerful and portable XRF analyzer
Epsilon 1

Claisse LeNeo

Keeping ahead through Claisse expertise in fusion
Claisse LeNeo

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to prepare the workspace prior to installation?What specialist skills or knowledge is required?Who can I reach out to if I have any questions?
Some systems require specific site services (such as water, waste, extraction) to be in place prior to installation Where this the case, we will advise you prior to shipping your instrument.You don't need any specialist skills or knowledge to perform a Smart Install. Simply follow the instructions provided.Contact your local Malvern Panalytical office for technical support, or send a message through our contact form.