Ensure a consistent, high-quality metal powder supply and prevent variations in end-product performance

Complementary analytical solutions for metal powder producers and end-users

Metal powder is a commonly used raw material for additive manufacturing (AM) components. To ensure consistently high quality in these components, producers and users of metal powder for AM need to ensure that their supplies are also of consistent quality – with regular size, shape, and elemental composition to ensure the right flow, sintering, and packing properties.

Whether you want to guarantee material quality and a strong supply chain or optimize your atomization process, we have you covered. With complementary solutions that provide morphological, elemental, and structural insight into your metal powders, we can help you strengthen your market position and meet your customer’s demands for quality and performance.

What can our solutions do for you?

Our unique set of research and quality control solutions for particle size, particle shape, metallic structure, and elemental analysis provide complementary information about your materials and processes to help you:

  • Ensure consistent powder supply and prevent variations in end-component quality
  • Optimize atomization conditions to achieve the desired powder characteristics and yield
  • Develop novel alloys and manufacturing processes to meet application and industry needs
  • Predict and optimize powder-packing density, flow characteristics, and sintering behavior.

    To find out more about our solutions for metal powders and metal additive manufacturing:

  • Download our industry brochure for powder metallurgy and additive manufacturing
  • Watch our webinar on ‘Characterizing material properties for Additive Manufacturing’
  • Read our new whitepaper on ‘Optimizing metal powders for Additive Manufacturing’.

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