2024 USA Pharmaceutical Webinar Series

We've got a fantastic selection of events coming in 2024 to support your pharmaceutical journeys!

From LNPs to nanoparticles, from data to processes, we'll be exploring a range of insightful topics, with an opportunity to ask your specific questions at each event.

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LNP webinar series

In this three-part webinar series, we will explore several areas critical to LNP vaccine and gene therapy development.

Topics include an overview of LNP structure and formulation, the common and advanced analytics used to characterize LNPs, and what LNP physicochemical properties are measured.

We will discuss in-depth the light scattering analytics used to measure LNP size, polydispersity, charge, and particle concentration.

Catch up with our LNP Series webinars on demand below.

Characterizing Exosomes and Nanoparticles

In this three-part webinar series, we will explore nanoparticles and NTA.

Biological nanoparticles are being explored for a range of applications within the life science industry, such as diagnostics and gene delivery. The ability to characterize these particles is a crucial part of understanding their behavior and effectiveness. In this three-part webinar series, we will explore several areas in the characterization of exosomes and other biologically-sourced nanoparticles, including an overview of techniques commonly used to characterize biologically sourced nanoparticles, with a special focus on nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA). In addition, we will discuss, in-depth, the best practices to obtain quality NTA data, and how to optimize fluorescence NTA measurements. 

Find out more about each webinar in this series below:

  • Webinar 1: Utilization and Characterization of Biologically sourced Nanoparticles: Exosomes and viral particles
  • Webinar 2: Optimizing Fluorescence for NTA measurements
  • Webinar 3: NTA and Best Practice: How to optimize data quality

Lab to Clinic: Pharmaceutical Development Series

The development of successful pharmaceutical drugs is a long time-consuming and expensive process. Each stage of the development workflow has unique challenges and requirements, each with its own analytical and characterization needs.

In this 3-part webinar series, we will cover a range of topics within the pharmaceutical development process starting with candidate selection and screening for binding kinetics, moving on to screening and controlling for API polymorphs, and finishing up with the development of nasal sprays, aerosols and inhalers for drug delivery.

Throughout this series, we will highlight how technical challenges can be overcome by utilizing the appropriate analytical tools.    

Rapid screening for binding kinetics
[Beakers and glassware.jpg] Beakers and glassware.jpg

Rapid screening for binding kinetics

Kinetic screening is a crucial aspect of the drug discovery process, from confirmation of binding in early discovery to fine-tuning of drug-like properties in pre-clinical development. Register now >>

Screening and Controlling API Polymorphs
[Coloured tablets pills bottle osd.jpg] Coloured tablets pills bottle osd.jpg

Screening and Controlling API Polymorphs

Find out how control of polymorphism can impact the safety of drug products, and how to screen and identify impacts. Register now >>

Method Validation Series

Within the pharmaceutical industry, development of robust, reliable methods is crucial to the development of successful pharmaceutical products. This becomes even more critical in the later stages of the development stages, as regulated laboratories and environments are required to support CMC filing. 

In this 4 part webinar series, we will introduce some of the latest ICH and ISO guidelines for select analytical technologies. Then, we will go into specific details around 3 of our core QC technologies, Laser Diffraction, Light Scattering and X-Ray Diffraction. This webinar series will be invaluable to researchers and pharmaceutical development scientists looking to employ these technologies in regulated laboratories. 

Key Considerations for Validation
[i_180116_426_ZSU_r_6k_lan_red_FRKL] i_180116_426_ZSU_r_6k_lan_red_FRKL.jpg

Key Considerations for Validation

Intended for existing Zetasizer Advanced users, we provide best practice for method development for different technologies, and between Zetasizer models.

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