Dry food ingredients come in many different forms, but are normally either milled to a final size or created to be a certain size via a process such as spray drying. Bread loaf volumes are affected by the size and shape of flour.

Material characterization of dry food ingredients enables:

  • A consistently sized material to be produced
  • The shape and size of a material to be measured enabling understanding of how it packs and flows.
  • The size and shape of a dry ingredient will influence how it hydrates (and any flavor it may impart) or dissolves, and the rheological behavior of it in solution can be monitored and correlated against initial size and shape.
  • The molecular weight and structure of food biopolymers to be measured and the correlation of this to bulk rheological properties to be established.

Malvern Panalytical offers laboratory and process solutions used to optimizing milling and spray drying of dry food ingredients, shape analyzers to look at how the particles pack and rheometers to understand how they hydrate.