Optimizing Metal Powder Properties for Manufacturing Processes

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00:00:00 Optimising metal powder properties for manufacturing processes
00:01:48 Overview
00:02:20 Cold Isostatic Pressing
00:03:06 Microstructure and performance
00:03:55 Particle Morphology
00:06:51 Particle Morphology
00:08:23 Particle Structure & Composition
00:09:02 Particle Structure & Composition
00:09:35 Samples
00:10:50 Alloy A
00:11:58 Alloy B
00:13:02 Alloy C
00:13:53 Alloy E
00:14:46 Results summary
00:15:30 Results summary
00:17:13 Summary
00:18:03 Acknowledgements
00:18:36 Thank you for listening
00:24:44 Additional material
00:24:44 XRD: measurement details
00:24:44 XRD: sample prep
00:24:44 Analytical Imaging measurement details
00:24:44 Definition of HS Circularity
00:24:44 Alloy B
00:24:44 Alloy C
00:24:44 Alloy E
00:24:44 Results
00:24:44 Thank you for your attentionQuestion & Answer SessionListening live:Ask your question by typing within the Q & A chat facility Listening on-demand:Send your questions toevents@malvernpanalytical.com
Characterizing the physical and structural properties of metal powders for use in near-net shape manufacturing processes is important for assessing their suitability for a particular process route or end use application. Key characteristics include particle size distribution, particle shape, surface condition and microstructure, which impact powder properties such as packing, flowability, compressibility and sintering behavior. By better understanding the relationship between particle characteristics, bulk powder properties and process factors in relation to final product performance, it should be possible to develop a more robust and optimal set of design and manufacturing rules to give the required part consistency and quality.