Date recorded: January 17 2017

Duration: 07 minutes 33 seconds

Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), is a very popular analytical technique for studying protein molecular weight, oligomeric state, aggregation, and conjugation. Malvern offers a range of multi-detector SEC systems including light scattering for the advanced characterization of proteins. The latest of these is OMNISEC, a complete integrated multi-detector SEC system. OMNISEC offers superior light scattering and refractive index sensitivity for measuring small protein quantities and low molecular weights. It has improved usability with a highly repeatable temperature-controlled (4-60°C) autosampler capable of making injections with zero waste down to just a few microliters. It can be used to measure absolute molecular weight of proteins and peptides as little as less than 1 µg of sample. OMNISEC’s software is intuitive to use and displays multi-detector data in a clear way making it easy to interpret and understand.

This webinar offers a video demonstration of OMNISEC, talking through its key features and demonstrating how measurements are set up and samples analyzed in the software.
Table of contents
1. Welcome
2. Introduction
3. Protein demo at your desk - Final_reduced_MIN
4. Q&A
5. Contact Information