Date recorded: May 28 2020

Cement production can be price competitive. Hence having a tight control of your formulation and plant goes a long way to helping your business stay efficient as well as profitable. Our application specialists discuss analytical solutions for the research and development, process as well as quality control teams. These span from smart predictive solutions for monitoring elemental, mineralogical composition and particle size analysis online as well as in the laboratory. Learn about best practices from other cement plants as well as the latest analytical trends to carefully monitor your raw materials, additives or substitutes, alternate fuel, grinding and mixing all the way to your production. 

What you will learn:
1. Latest trends in cement blending and production 
2. Holistic monitoring of your process from incoming raw materials, fuels, grinding efficiency to production and strength of your cement 
3. Intelligent and high throughput analytical solutions – for online monitoring or laboratory analysis 
4. How to comply to international norms like ASTM and more

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