Unsurpassed protein SEC using the latest innovation in advanced detection, OMNISEC

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00:00:00 Welcome
00:01:09 Unsurpassed protein SEC using the latest innovation in advanced detection, OMNISEC
00:01:32 Outline
00:01:59 The Importance of Protein Characterization
00:02:38 The drivers for better Characterization
00:03:54 Industry: Biopharmaceuticals
00:04:33 What can Advanced SEC provide scientists?
00:05:07 What challenges are there in protein characterization?
00:06:38 How Can we address them?
00:06:43 What does advanced SEC offer
00:07:20 The multi-detection pyramid
00:08:35 Malvern SEC range
00:09:12 OMNISEC
00:09:32 OMNISEC
00:09:52 OMNISEC software v10.0
00:10:33 OMNISEC REVEAL technology
00:11:18 Refractive index
00:12:12 UV/Vis PDA
00:12:32 Light scattering
00:14:07 Light scattering benefits
00:14:37 Viscometer
00:15:27 The benefits of integrated multi-detection
00:16:21 OMNISEC RESOLVE design
00:16:45 Separation module – OMINSEC RESOLVE
00:17:40 Separation module – OMINSEC RESOLVE
00:18:24 Separation module – OMINSEC RESOLVE
00:18:51 Why is OMNISEC better?
00:19:32 What are the results?
00:19:40 Example chromatography - BSA
00:22:14 Example chromatography - BSA
00:24:11 Repeat injections of BSA injections
00:26:16 BSA – typical analysis
00:27:34 BSA – typical analysis
00:29:46 Analysis of antibodies
00:29:55 Conventional or Single detector SEC
00:30:26 Conventional calibration: IgG
00:30:48 Overlay of RALS chromatograms – Sheep IgG, Human IgG
00:31:27 Triple Detection: IgG
00:32:31 Triple detection: IgG
00:33:08 Conventional vs Triple
00:33:35 Thermal Stability of Human IgG
00:34:27 Thermal stability of IgG – t=0
00:35:08 Thermal stability of IgG – 45 minutes at 60oC
00:35:42 RI overlay of t=0 and 45 minutes at 60 degrees
00:36:27 Thermal stability of IgG – 135 minutes at 60oC
00:37:24 Thermal stability of IgG – 60 hours at 60oC
00:38:37 Thermal stability of IgG – RT 11 days
00:39:25 The power of light scattering and IV
00:39:51 Triple detector data: insights from raw data
00:40:12 Triple detector data: What do the numbers say?
00:41:26 Summary
00:41:49 Thank you for listening
00:41:58 Contact Information
00:44:03 Find out more about OMNISEC

During this webinar, we introduces the latest innovations in SEC technology, and discuss how the new OMNISEC system will assist your protein characterization challenges. Focusing on applications, the webinar compares the capabilities of the system with previous products, and discusses how these technical improvements provide superior protein analysis data and results. 

Who should watch? 

Protein research chemists - Biochemistry, pharmacology, biopharmaceutical 

Academics Lab managers, Biopharmaceutical formulation chemists, Biopharmaceutical development scientists 

Anyone concerned with protein aggregation, oligomers, or molecular weight