Improve your understanding of the effect of polysaccharide molecular weight & structure on final product performance

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00:00:00 Welcome
00:01:03 “The Sweet Smell of Success” – Understanding The Effect of Polysaccharide Molecular Weight and Structure on Final Product Performance
00:01:43 Outline
00:02:41 Natural polymers, The Applications
00:03:52 The drivers for better characterization
00:05:39 What are polysaccharide characterization challenges?
00:05:46 Measurement challenges
00:07:31 Sample challenges
00:09:25 How Can we address them?
00:09:35 OMNISEC
00:10:03 OMNISEC
00:10:27 OMNISEC REVEAL technology
00:11:29 Refractive index
00:13:07 UV/Vis PDA
00:13:52 Light scattering
00:15:31 PEO 196 Da by Triple Detection !
00:15:49 Molecular weight vs. Molecular size
00:17:36 The importance of size in solution
00:18:49 Viscometer
00:19:36 OMNISEC Viscometer benefits
00:20:56 Viscometer technology
00:21:23 What can Advanced SEC provide scientists?
00:22:34 The multi-detection pyramid
00:23:47 OMNISEC RESOLVE design
00:24:46 Separation module – OMINSEC RESOLVE
00:25:13 Separation module – OMINSEC RESOLVE
00:26:05 Separation module – OMINSEC RESOLVE
00:26:37 Why is OMNISEC better?
00:27:14 OMNISEC software v10.0
00:27:54 What are the results?
00:28:00 Cellulose derivatives
00:28:39 Modified celluloses - HEC
00:29:19 Molecular weight series of HECs
00:29:48 Cellulose derivatives
00:31:18 Native Cellulose
00:32:14 Triple Detection Overlay of Two Cellulose Samples
00:33:10 Structural Comparison of Two cellulose samples from different sources
00:34:11 Dextran
00:34:41 Dextran Series
00:35:24 Dextran Series – Mark-Houwink Plots
00:36:49 Pectin
00:37:06 Pectins (citrus, apple)
00:38:13 Hyaluronic Acid
00:39:34 Hyaluronic Acid – Linear and Crosslinked
00:41:01 Polysaccharide Mark-Houwink plots
00:41:38 Summary
00:41:42 Measurement challenges
00:43:34 Sample challenges
00:44:19 What does advanced SEC offer?
00:45:02 Malvern SEC range
00:45:55 Thanks for listening
00:54:43 Contact Information

From simple food additives to complex material used in high-tech eye surgery and targeted drug delivery systems, polysaccharides have earned unparalleled attention when it comes to macromolecular characterization. With more emphasis on product performance, versatility and stability; detailed characterization is the key to understanding important parameters that affect the quality of these products. Simple techniques stand unable to provide the answers needed.

Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC), or Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), is the technique of choice for rapid and reliable determination of molecular weight and molecular structure for all types of macromolecules. Furthermore, in the last 20 years there has been a significant change to the way GPC/SEC has been used in polymer and biologics analysis.

Measurement of polysaccharide molecular weight, size, branching and intrinsic viscosity can highlight the differences in product performance due to a change in polymer structure and those differences that are caused by a change in molecular weight.

This webinar will focus on the advancements in light scattering and on-line viscometry techniques and the benefits they provide to the technique of polysaccharide characterization by GPC/SEC. The fundamentals of these measurements will also be discussed and illustrated with application examples.