Fast, easy and reliable – Flow Injection Polymer Analysis for QA/QC and Process Control

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00:00:00 Flow Injection Polymer Analysis for QA/QC and Process Control
00:00:50 Polymer Life Cycle From Cradle to Grave and Beyond
00:04:07 Malvern Complete GPC/FIPA Systems
00:04:32 OMNISEC System
00:05:27 Detector module – OMNISEC REVEAL
00:06:31 Light Scattering
00:07:21 Untitled
00:08:15 Untitled
00:08:39 Untitled
00:09:51 Triple/Tetra Detector Array (TDA)
00:12:13 Flow Injection Polymer Analysis (FIPA)
00:15:36 What is FIPA?
00:16:05 Industrial Application of Light Scattering and Viscometry
00:17:19 Selection of FIPA Applications
00:17:36 What is FIPA?
00:17:47 Block Copolymer
00:18:22 Triple FIPAGram of Block Copolymer in THF
00:18:42 FIPA Results of Block Copolymer - 4 Injections
00:19:59 Triple FIPAGram of Block Copolymer in THF
00:20:10 FIPA Results of Block Copolymer - 4 Injections
00:23:04 Polyacrylonitrile (PAN)
00:23:56 Triple GPC Chromatogram of PAN-1 Sample
00:24:31 Summary of PAN GPC Data
00:25:02 Mark-Houwink Overlay Plots of 6 PAN Samples
00:25:31 Triple FIPA Chromatogram of PAN Sample
00:25:47 Summary of PAN-1 Molecular Data
00:26:27 Polycarbonate (PC)
00:27:04 Example GPC Chromatogram of Polycarbonate
00:27:27 Mark-Houwink Overlay Plots of Polycarbonate Samples
00:27:53 Summary of Polycarbonate GPC Data (30oC)
00:28:13 Example FIPAGram of a Polycarbonate Sample
00:28:32 Summary of Polycarbonate FIPA Data (30oC)
00:28:52 Comparison of Polycarbonate GPC & FIPA Data
00:29:28 Flow Injection Polymer Analysis (FIPA)
00:29:43 Thank you for your attentionAny questions?
00:32:19 Contact Information
Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) also known as Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), is a very popular analytical tool for characterizing the molecular weight and structure of natural and synthetic polymers. Such information is important for both research and quality control (QC) applications, however, in the QC environment repeatability and sample throughput are often more critical. Flow Injection Polymer Analysis (FIPA) is a useful alternative to conventional GPC for QC applications due to its shorter elution time and can be performed on a standard GPC instrument with a simple switch of column selection valve. In this presentation we will compare the benefits of 'information rich' GPC against the 'faster and more repeatable' data generated using FIPA for Polyacrylonitrile and Polycarbonate materials.