Data Integrity Software Demo – OmniTrust

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Learn more about the OmniTrust software solution and how it can help you overcome data integrity challenges in the regulated environment.

OmniTrust works with the Zetasizer Advance, Aeris and Empyrean, ranges and can be configured to work with individual systems locally, or with multiple systems on a centrally managed network.

Discover how our new software tools OmniAccess and OmniTrail complement existing instrument application software to ensure you meet the requirements of data integrity and 21 CFR Part 11 with total confidence. You’ll also learn how this flexible solution can be adapted to your workflow to maximize laboratory and administrative efficiency, while delivering data you can depend on.

In this webinar we will demonstrate:

  • Local management set up with Zetasizer Advance
  • Central management setup with measurements on the Aeris, using one workstation for data processing with HighScore, and a further workstation for audit data review
  • Central system audit trail review with entries from multiple systems
  • Finally, we will end with a panel discussion where our experts answer your questions about the OmniTrust solution.

If you would like to learn more about OmniTrust and how Malvern Panalytical can support you with your data integrity challenges, why not check out the following resources:

  • Watch the recording of the OmniTrust launch event, Total Confidence. Absolute Integrity. Analytics you can trust


  • Maryam Hussain - Field Application Scientist +
  • Martin Schreyer - Application Specialist XRD

More information

Who should attend?

  • Pharmaceutical scientists working in the regulated environment
  • Analytical scientists working to 21 CFR Part 11 or GMP Annex 11 regulations for data integrity
  • Anyone working with Dynamic Light Scattering or X-ray Diffraction analysis within the pharmaceutical industry

What will you learn?

  • Learn about OmniTrust, Malvern Panalytical’s new solution for the regulated environment
  • Learn how OmniTrust supports our new Zetasizer Advance series and the Aeris and Empyrean range
  • Learn how to configure your system set-up and to manage roles with OmniAccess
  • Understand how OmniTrust’s flexibility improves laboratory efficiency
  • See how OmniTrail can help you approach audits with confidence