The Throughput Booster for Binding Interaction Screening

The accurate and efficient measurement of intermolecular interactions and binding events is a critical element for all manner of basic research and an indispensable component of drug discovery programs. Ligand binding assays can be performed using labeled molecules (radiolabels, fluorescent labels, etc.), but appropriate, non-disruptive labeling and often elaborate washing and purification steps are required. Additionally, the kinetics of interactions are not easily acquired or understood using these methods. Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) changed the game with its ability to monitor and measure interactions in real time using unlabeled species, but challenges remain. Measurements usually require significant time investment because they involve repeated introductions of increasing concentrations of analyte, and they are sensitive to bulk refractive index changes in buffers; these issues limit the utility of SPR in screening programs. 

Creoptix previously developed and patented the grating-coupled interferometry (GCI) technology as the most sensitive optical sensing-based label-free analysis standard, and we are now excited to introduce a revolutionary detection method—waveRAPID®—that will drastically reduce assay time and reagent consumption while improving readout to identify leads in the drug discovery process faster and with more confidence.


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