3D structure / imaging

Using diffractometers to see inside your sample

Computed Tomography (CT) has been a well-established technology in medical diagnostics for decades. In the past few years, industrial 3D imaging has become a very powerful non-destructive analytical method. 

It can provide detailed information about the object of interest, e.g. its structure, composition, defect/pore sizes and distribution.


It is possible to use Computed Tomography to analyze properties of engineered objects for a number of different applications, e.g.:

  • Porosity determination 
  • Wall thickness analysis 
  • Calculation of fiber orientations and many others

Application example

An example of 3D structure/imaging is the porosity determination of an aerate concrete sample. The images below demonstrate how this looks: 



The intelligent diffractometer

Measurement type
3D structure / imaging
X-ray Diffraction (XRD)